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International business experience and 18 years of teaching.

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Ran my own Marketing Consultancy, based in Hong Kong, operating throughout SE Asia. In teaching for 18 years, including Head of Economics and Business Education in an Independent School. Approachable and friendly, but have high expectations of my students. Semi retired, so very flexible on time. I believe Business needs to be taught in context, not just theory. GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level Business. Can teach GCSE and AS Economics. Boards covered, OCR for A-level Business and Economics, AQA Economics, Cambridge IGCSE Business and AQA GCSE Business and Economics. I have a special interest in Marketing, but know that Accounting and Finance can be a particular challenge for students. I teach it in an accessible and straightforward way. Understanding Business Finance is vital for anyone who wants to have their own business. Lessons are flexible. The students needs are paramount. Current affairs often provide context for teaching specific topics, eg around Budget time, it is a good opportunity to look at Macroeconomic Policy and topics like Interest Rates, Sources of Finance, Budgeting, etc. If a student has questions off topic, I can usually answer them there and then. This is my first venture into tutoring online. Have tutored individual students in school. Seeing students grasp subjects that will help them in their lives and open doors for them. Business teaches life skills, no matter what a student ends up doing. Whether working in a lab, or in a creative environment, a person will eventually have to manage two things, money and people. An understanding of business concepts will help with both. Placing theory in context, using real life examples wherever possible. I like students to ask questions, not just sit and absorb material. It should be a two way process. Flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. Chance to use my experience and knowledge to help students. Learning through questioning. Exploring topics in relation to the real world. Business is a practical subject which needs to be in context. Humour and challenging ideas. I want my students to question things, not just accept them. I ask for a dialogue. I want to know what they think. Taking students who have underperformed at GCSE and helping them achieve at A-level. We all have bad days. They shouldn’t limit your opportunities. I have an MBA from Strathclyde Graduate Business School and a PGCE from Sheffield Hallam University. I was working in Italy, teaching English. IT made me decide to put my business experience to good use, helping young people gain the tools they will need in later life. Dogs. I share my life with two hounds. Politics. Rugby and golf. Reading. Writing, I have written two novels to date. Y10&11 Cambridge International IGCSE. Y12&13 OCR A-level Business. OCR and AQA AS Economics.

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