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What do students love most about your teaching style?

Hello, I am Mia, I have been tutoring whilst studying Chemistry at the University of Warwick. At A level I successfully studied Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Physics and completed an EPQ and 15 GCSEs. I am a very hard working, organised, individual, who helps students reach their full potential and BOOST their GRADE! My excellent academic career has inspired further study and I aim to help others find their passion and enjoy learning. My knowledge and experience have been enriched through extracurriculars, internships and previous mentoring & tutoring experience. Previously I have successfully taught GCSE students, A level and KS3 students! I have also more recently helped university-level students. My aim is to get the very best out of tutees using a variety of teaching methods with a strong emphasis on exam techniques. I am flexible and adaptable in my approach to teaching and endeavour to create a learning environment in which the tutee can thrive. Questions from tutees are encouraged as much as possible; as this is essential to achieve a greater understanding of a topic. Subjects are taught according to exact syllabus requirements. I will test knowledge by setting regular homework and past paper questions, all marking and feedback to tutees is very prompt. I have a passion for science and I endeavour to help students boost not only their grades but their academic confidence, to help change their attitude towards studying. Please do reach out to discuss further regarding pricing and other queries you may have. Thank you, Mia

What is the greatest success you've had with teaching?

I thoroughly enjoy tutoring and find it an extremely rewarding experience. I love helping students achieve the best grade possible. One amazing tutoring experience includes helping a tutee to grasp difficult concepts to then complete complex problems regarding the topic! Previously I have helped students to boost their grade by four levels! I aim for the student to always ask questions, as we all know no question is silly! Whilst I endeavour for the student to gain understanding and greater knowledge of the content to boost their grades, I also aim for the tutee to gain more confidence! I would love to help any student the best I can! Please reach our if you have any further questions.

How do your lessons usually plan out?

Lessons are often 40 minutes to an hour in length. Each lesson is created uniquely for each student, to best suit their style of learning. I create a personal dropbox or google drive for each student to store learning resources utilised in the lesson, problem sheets, questions, and notes from the lesson. Lessons are interactive and involve quizzes, to help confirm understanding. I utilise a range of unique examples, to help the student understand the topic effectively and I provide an outline of the content covered during each lesson and the homework set for parents to best support their child. I thoroughly enjoy tutoring a range of ages and cater to different levels such as GCSE, A level and university level. I can help with, test preparation, scientific writing and more to help improve both your knowledge and skills. I specialise in university-level Chemistry modules. I help students with CHEMISTRY (KS3, GCSE, A level, University), BIOLOGY (KS3, GCSE, A level), GEOGRAPHY (KS3, GCSE, A level), EXTENDED PROJECT QUALIFICATION (EPQ), BUSINESS STUDIES (GCSE), ENGLISH LANGUAGE (GCSE) AND SCIENTIFIC WRITING (KS3, GCSE, A level, University). Please get in contact regarding further information, or if you would like to discuss anything else further. Thank you, Mia

What do you specialise in?

I study Chemistry at University and so this is something which I love to tutor, however, I also tutor biology, physics, geography, EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) and scientific writing. At GCSE I also help to tutor English literature and language and religious studies. I teach a verity to levels: GCSE, A Level and University. I am also extremely familiar with several different examination boards: AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR.

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I really enjoyed grasping the concepts of the topic which Mia really helped me understand further. With the use of questions and case studies it definitely improved my understanding of the Carbon cycle !!


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Science KS3
Biology GCSE
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Chemistry GCSE
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Geography GCSE
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