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Sentamil Kaviya is my name, and I've been teaching students for over 7 years. I graduated with honors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have taught physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, history, geography, Business, and math at the A-Level, GCSE, and KS3 levels. I am a former Teacher Training Mentor, and in addition to teaching mainstream students, I am a Life cycle psychologist who has received certification. An overview of what will be covered and why, especially for new and inexperienced students. The main element of the planned and prepared lesson is then introduced, followed by a review of what was attempted and what was actually accomplished. I deliver diverse and engaging lessons that enable students to thrive in both academic and vocational learning, allowing them to achieve above and beyond their highest potential while also developing personal and employability skills. I have excellent subject knowledge and use effective targets to review learning via formative and summative assessments. This is helpful in identifying areas for development and implementing effective interventions. I am patient and enthusiastic, and I empower my students to have personal autonomy over their learning in order for them to actively engage in their learning and gain confidence in the subject. In such an environment, I find that developing more focused attention tends to inspire more interest and fulfillment of potential in my students. The relationships one forms along the way, I've discovered, lend themselves to furthering a student's academic abilities. I coached people who wanted to pursue careers in the medical fields, I assisted students in obtaining Engineering, and all of my students received good grades. Few of my History and Geography students were accepted to prestigious universities all over the world.

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Subject Level
Science Primary
Science KS3
Biology IB
Biology GCSE
Biology A-Level
Biology Degree
Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry A-Level
Physics GCSE
Physics A-Level
Geography GCSE
Geography A-Level
History GCSE
History A-Level
History Degree
Psychology Degree
Business Studies GCSE
Business Studies A-Level
Business Studies Degree
Medical School Preparation MSP
Human Biology GCSE
Human Biology A-Level

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