5 Tips for Your Child to Make The Most of The Return To School


Ask Questions. 

Whilst being at home over lockdown, your child has received only a couple of hours of teacher time a day. Now they need to make the most of the time that they are face to face with their teachers. This means they need to get the most out of the constant lessons they are having now, which were so sparse a couple of weeks ago. Ask as many questions as possible to get the most value out of being in the same room as their teachers all day. 

Aside from making the most of being right in front of your teacher, asking questions in the classroom has been proven by academic coaches to help boost confidence and grades.


Set Targets

Everybody knows that this academic year is not a normal one. For many their end of year public exams have been cancelled and so too have their goals for doing well in them. Personal measurable targets for their results are a must this year to keep your child motivated. 

Setting some personal goals will give a child something to focus on throughout a long school term. It also creates a sense of achievement when completed and is a chance for parents to reward their kids too. 


Homework planner

Going back to school now, even though it is mid-term, will feel like going back to school at the start of the year. With so much going on so suddenly it will be hard to keep track of all the moving parts and without being under your supervision a homework planner will keep them on track. 

Nowadays you can get pretty sophisticated ones. All that is really needed though is a diary-style notebook to keep note of homework from different teachers and when to hand it in. Kids can also use this space to keep a revision timetable and plan out other work outside of the classroom. 

Check out our other article about to revise for a grade 9 at GCSE here. 


Get an Online Tutor

It is always a good idea to have regular meetings with an online tutor to help out in areas that they are struggling in. Now that they are back in school they are sharing their lessons with the whole class again this minimises the super important one-on-one time. 

An online tutor can supplement what is learnt in class with one-on-one sessions to focus on particular areas and ensure that the child has a deep understanding of the whole topic. You can guarantee that a session like this is beneficial too if you pick one of Sherpa's qualified teachers. This means that they have either completed a PGCE or achieved a QTS certificate to verify their teacher status and allow them to work in UK schools teaching the current curriculum. 

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Finally, enjoy it!

Kids are only young once and after being stuck at home for a few months they will be raring to go and spend time and have fun with their friends. 

Learning, just like life, is about balance. It will be more beneficial to your child to have a healthy work/life balance than to see them studying at every available opportunity. 

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Sebastian Owen

19th March

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