Five Reasons To Get An Online Tutor At University

Posted on the 18th November

It’s common practice to have a Physics and Maths tutor to help get better GCSE grades when students are younger. During my time at school, I had an A-level philosophy tutor to help me understand the most challenging literature on Plato and Aristotle.

So why do we not have tutors for more specialised subjects whilst we take on a bigger academic challenge at university?

We want to share with you the five reasons that people want to receive tuition alongside their higher education and professional studies.


You’re struggling to learn from your lecturer


Whilst the majority of higher education students have a great educational experience at university, some talented students find themselves struggling with the workload.

This can be down to a number of reasons. The formality of lectures and lecture halls means that students studying difficult subjects requiring high levels of detail and technical procedure fall adrift. 

Many criticise lecturers who do not have the necessary teaching skills to ensure their students understand the course content. Lecturers can be excellent researchers but they might not have strong English language skills, meaning they’re unable to share their knowledge.

For these reasons, private tutors offer an intimate one on one experience to help students get around the issues and to benefit their learning positively.


You’ve fallen behind 


This is linked to the first point but has its own unique reasons. Sometimes you fall behind on lectures due to arbitrary reasons. Students miss too many 9:00 am lectures because of big night outs. Some fall behind due to illness, family issues, mental health or poor university administration. 

Whatever the reason, once you’re behind it’s usually hard to catch up. Many students want to seek help from expert tutors to bridge the divide.


You’re covering something you’ve never studied before 


Many students coming to university step outside their comfort zone and study an area completely foreign to them. This is only exacerbated when completing their dissertation.

At this time university students often explore new and challenging topics with a more specific lens. These are usually the subjects not aren’t covered in class.

Many university students in this position want to speak with an experienced tutor who has knowledge on the same topic. This option is not always offered at university.


There’s a gap in your learning 


You may be a great essay writer but lack crucial statistical and analytical skills necessary for other pieces of coursework. University students are usually placed in a position to undertake certain tasks that do not fit their core skill set.

In this scenario, many university students look to online lessons to find a tutor. Private tuition can be the guiding light to fill this gap in a university students' learning. 


You want to learn from the experts


The essential reason that people are finding a tutor is to increase their grades. Whether it be GCSE Chemistry, A-level Business Studies or graduating with a first in a STEM subject like Mechanical Engineering, talking to a qualified teacher of a given niche always helps. Especially when you’re in an intimate classroom setting for a private lesson.

Now you know the reasons why students need help regarding their undergraduate degree. If you’re in need of expert advice or behind in your studies speak to a subject specialist to iron out these flaws.

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Ethan Carter

18th November

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