New Partnership Announcement!

Another busy week at Sherpa!

Sherpa has teamed up with Teacheroo to offer all of its tutors an exclusive space to seek advice, support and a great chance to communicate with each other and share resources. 

Teacheroo, the Online Teacher Community, is a social app for teachers, designed to bring like-minded educators from across the country (and globe…) together. Users of the app are able to post and message each other to give guidance and resources on certain things that may help their teaching. Trending posts on relevant up to date educational news will pop up on a teacher’s feed to ensure that they are in the loop on issues relating to their industry.

In short, Teacheroo makes it easy for teachers everywhere to connect, share ideas and support each other. 

Sherpa tutors will get unlimited access to 1000s of free teacher resources on Teacheroo and membership of a dedicated Sherpa Tutors group, where they can share learnings from their online lessons and help each other out with their tips and tricks to online tuition. 

Sherpa tutors will also benefit from the full range of features on Teacheroo, including a customisable personal profile, the option to post updates and broadcast live video directly to their feed, and join other groups and chat with other teachers.

Take a look at some of the useful things shared on Teacheroo below:



Join the official group of Sherpa tutors on Teacheroo here > 


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Sebastian Owen

4th March

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