Top 8 Educational Activities in London for the School Holidays

The school summer holidays are just around the corner. That’s almost 2 months of downtime and a chance for some awesome trips out with the family. While you may not be going abroad this year there is plenty to do in the UK, as highlighted by these fun-filled days out that are going to keep your child’s brain active too. 

Barbican Architecture Tours

Open until the end of July. The Barbican Architecture Tours are an essential day out for any young budding architect but are extremely accessible for any artists and curious minds alike. They are 90-minute tours led by experts exploring the brutalist beauty of the Barbican site designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon.

You never know, a quick tour like this could inspire your next GCSE or A-level art project. A brutalist opinion will stand out and really get your teacher’s attention. 

Natural History Museum

No list of days out in London, educational or not, is complete without including the Natural History Museum. It can inspire an interest in History, Geology and Biology all at once. 

The world-famous museum promotes the discovery and enjoyment of the natural world, kids and adults always leave in awe of the scale and detail involved in these discoveries. The Natural History Museum is constantly changing its exhibits so any teenager who has not been since an early school trip will be just as amazed as their first visit.

London Science Museum

Your child may not think that they are interested in science, however, the beauty of the Science museum is how it is able to convey difficult concepts through everyday uses and activities. It also has fun games and tasks dotted around the site to engage kids and let them find out for themselves how everyday objects work. 

Although the focus is on Science, topics such as History and Engineering are also explored by looking at major breakthroughs throughout the 20th century and earlier. It can be eye-opening and very funny to show your kids the technology that was available to you when you were growing up. 

Tower of London

A staple of the London tourist scene and for good reason. Throughout history, the Tower of London has served a huge purpose for England’s monarchy and London’s status. It was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and has been used as an armoury, treasury, a building for the Royal Mint and even a prison locking up Kings and exiles alike. 

It is a must-see for any young brit due to its importance in England’s history. Whether they are just starting to learn History at primary level or they are an expert that has just completed their History A-level it brings a reality and a tangible experience that you cannot get in the classroom.

Imperial War Museums

The Imperial War Museums are a collection of sites and exhibits throughout the country that were significant in WW1 and WW2. They consist of:

  • Imperial War Museum London
  • Imperial War Museum Manchester
  • The Churchill War Rooms
  • HMS Belfast
  • RAF Duxford Aircraft Hangars

The V&A - Bags: Inside Out

The V&A is the world’s leading museum for Art and Design. They are constantly putting on quirky and interesting showcases. This Month, in early July there is a Fashion exhibit based around bags in all their shapes and sizes. 

This will broaden the horizons of any Art, Fashion or Design students looking at different styles and influences whilst also taking into account the ergonomic design needed for it to be usable. Showcases like this are perfect stepping off points to learn more and get involved in a certain industry.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Throughout July and August, the Globe will be showing The Tempest performed by the Globe Touring Ensemble. Not only is the play part of the GCSE English curriculum and very relevant to all upcoming exam takers but the experience of going to the globe is the main attraction. 

Shakespeare’s Globe is a modern reconstruction of the original Globe theatre that burnt down in 1614. It is built to the standards and techniques used when it was originally put up in the 16th century. It is an authentic experience to rival theatre-goers nights out back in the day.

Sea Life London

Located directly next to the London Eye, Sea Life is very easy to get to and is top of everyone’s list of London attractions. 

It is split up into three sections

  • Coral Kingdom
  • Ocean Invaders 
  • Rainforest Adventure

Creatures such as Sharks, Penguins, Coral Reef Inhabitants, Octopuses, Rainforest Species and Rays are all there. See evolution in action and learn about each individual species and the challenges they face and conquer. 

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2nd July

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