Why Start an Online Tutoring Job?

For teachers looking for part time work, private online tutoring is the obvious choice. It is incredibly quick and easy to get set up and then the job can be completed around your existing schedule or school work. Many UK teachers use online teaching to keep busy during the long school holidays, not to mention for the cash influx. Working from home and fitting in work around your own schedule is extremely attractive for most UK teachers.

Work around school schedule

During the school term is the best time to rack up hundreds of online tutoring hours. After the school day finishes there is plenty of time for the resourceful teacher to slot in 1 or 2 hours of private tutoring to a pupil online. Without having to meet your students face-to-face, you remove a lot of travel time and can fit in multiple students in an evening. 

Tutoring through an online platform you are able to book in or only accept lessons when you are available. Therefore you can be extremely flexible with your schedule and book in lessons whenever you feel like you have the time. It is particularly easy to schedule lessons during school time because your pupils and prospective tutoring clients are all operating on the same timetable.

Keep busy during school holidays

To many UK teachers, extra work during term time is not an option. They are already working full days and of course have their own hobbies and social lives to keep up with as well. 

This does leave the school holidays though. Due to the flexibility of online tutoring jobs, it can be a perfect time filler to keep you busy and keep your mind thinking about your chosen subject throughout the long holidays. 

Online Tutor Working From Home

Low Effort

Making the switch to teaching online is incredibly quick and simple, teachers or private tutors can start meeting potential students in no time at all. 

On Sherpa, the tutor application process takes between 10-15 minutes and after a brief 20-minute interview the next day (or few days) you can be up and running and receiving messages from students as a live and active Sherpa tutor. 

To complete tutoring work as a skilled teacher or experienced private tutor all that is needed is a laptop/tablet and good internet connectivity. You don’t even need to download any additional software. Sherpa uses an interactive online whiteboard that you can join via the website and allows you to transfer documents and share your screen with students while talking over video chat and making notes on a whiteboard similar to Jamboard. 

Set Your Own Rates

As an online tutor, students can book lessons, per the hour. As mentioned earlier this allows for incredible flexibility. The nature of online tutoring however also allows you to set your own rates per hour. Therefore it can turn your “out of hours time-filler” into a very lucrative job opportunity. 

A quick browse of the internet will bring up multiple online tutors at different prices. The average is roughly £30 per hour but on most sites you have the option to set your own rates. Specialised and experienced tutors can even charge all the way up to £75 per hour! 

Factors which could affect your tutoring price are as follows:

  • Experience private tutoring
  • Language teaching qualifications such as TEFL or CELTA
  • Teaching certificates and training such as a PGCE or QTS
  • DBS checked and certified
  • Knowledge of exam boards and exam preparation skills

It's Incredibly Rewarding

Teachers love private tutoring because of the opportunity it gives to build strong relationships with a single pupil. Having a 1 hour session each week with your tutee gives you a chance to really make some progress in their learning and exam preparation.

Seeing and helping them grow is extremely rewarding as a tutor. 

For more information about becoming an online tutor, click the following link to see what Sherpa can offer you.

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Sebastian Owen

22nd June

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