Why we should be learning Mandarin

Whether you are new, a complete beginner; or just looking for a new hobby, learning Mandarin can be a fantastic way to boost your confidence and gain respective occupational opportunities. With the power of the internet, the ease of travel and the ability to book online tutors, learning mandarin is only just the click of a button and is therefore not as hard as you think.

With COVID looming, now seems a good time to book online lessons with tutors at Sherpa to fill up your time with study sessions to learn a new language. This is important because speaking Mandarin can offer many different opportunities; be it the career you take or the potential modules you take at university. This article will explore why learning Mandarin is of huge benefit and the vast number of openings that come with it. 

This is true for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Estimates believe around 1.17 billion people speak Mandarin; which is considerable. Secondly, speaking Mandarin can open up a large area of opportunities, most notably from an occupational or social perspective. Such reasons will be explored shortly. Thirdly, you can communicate with over a billion people in the world! That’s not a bad thing to show off. 

Recently, the UK government has launched a programme for schools to offer Mandarin to students; with an aim of a minimum of 8 hours a week of learning. This is known as the Mandarin Excellence Programme. The programme was on target to make 5000 pupils able to speak fluently by 2020. Moreover, with more students wanting to learn the language, this has caused a rise in the number of Chinese teachers; therefore, creating opportunities for both the student and teacher.

Climb that ladder and surpass others

One of the big reasons to learn Mandarin is because it can enable you to get ahead of others, and there is nothing better than being prepared and ready for a world that demands such speakers. 

If you were to meet a non-native speaker and they could speak Mandarin; it's most likely you would be impressed. Therefore, why not learn and impress your friends. Check out our Mandarin tutors. And there are a great number of reasons why you should learn mandarin now.

Firstly, China has one of the fastest-growing populations, which means an increasing consumer and manufacturing market. Therefore, China’s significance in global markets is playing a huge role, where occupational opportunities to work for and with Chinese firms is becoming paramount to everyday life. Such opportunities can include being a negotiator, analyst or translator and many other roles to support a country with growing importance in the world. 

As a result, businesses are looking to capitalize upon this opportunity and find skilled people with a motivated mindset to work for them and deliver strong results. Starting now and getting ahead of the game will help you in the future when an employer or a senior official requires your talent of knowing a second language. When firms demand employees who offer this skill, you will be the one with the qualifications set in place. This is convincing because knowing a second language is among one of the top eight skills an employer likes to see. 

To prove this, from 2010-2015, the number of US jobs posting for bi-lingual professionals doubled which emphasises the importance of learning a second language. And learning Mandarin is particularly significant because of growing markets that require more Mandarin speakers. 

Moreover, this looks exceptional on your CV. Studies have shown that Chinese speakers use both sides of the brain, while most other languages use just the left. Therefore, by being fluent in Mandarin, you are informing employers you are advanced and no ordinary person. Mandarin as discussed will offer you invaluable opportunities, be it with an employer or the work you do within a firm. These are essential skills for the future. 

Secondly, it is easier to learn than you think. The increase in government programmes and the world of distance learning can help boost your ability at picking up the language. We at Sherpa offer this opportunity for you to learn and have specialized tutors according to your needs. For those wanting to be ahead of others; book a session here now.

Chinese Culture

Mandarin is a fantastic language to learn, but it does not just provide benefits from a language perspective. As previously discussed, the world is becoming increasingly integrated and globalised, and it is far easier to travel the world than it was 50 years ago. Despite COVID being prevalent, travelling to China would be a fantastic opportunity to speak to natives and learn the culture of China’s long and fascinating history.

For example, China boasts one of the world’s richest breadth of cultures, offering countless tourist spots. Such travel includes China’s ancient Great Wall, the Yellow Mountains or simply exploring China’s vast cuisine and hospitality. Visiting China will enable you to put your language skills to practice; with the addition of exploring China’s amazing culture and scenery. 

Going to a country that speaks the language is often one of the best ways to hone your language skills. For instance, simply ordering food or asking for directions are great ways to enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence in the language. 

Moreover, visiting China will force you to become completely immersed in the language. Simply put, there is no way to avoid Mandarin; and this enables you to constantly speak Chinese and patch up any areas that are mediocre in your vocabulary.  

Finally, it would be an amazing experience. You are not just learning a language, but you are discovering a new culture. When you are involved deep within Chinese culture, you are learning the core details of the language from natives. This is not a school environment, but rather a condensed and more personal experience in exploring the language.

Mandarin Excellence Programme

As briefly mentioned, the government has launched a Mandarin programme to support students to become fluent in speaking Mandarin. This programme progressively rises from basic primary school level up to degree level. Based on a few reports from students, positive feedback includes “desperate to learn the language” and the “Mandarin Excellence Programme is an amazing opportunity”. We can therefore understand this programme is beneficial academically and mentally to support students discover something completely new. 

Students are excited by this opportunity to help them with the future and be able to communicate with a whole other part of the world. Students are curious and this is an area that is incredibly different to what most students are used to. Not only is it exciting to explore this language, but there is a feeling of success and pride when conquering a challenge you never before believed you could succeed in doing. This is a programme for those wanting a change of scenery; and something that will push them to become motivated to complete.

Why learning a language alters your mindset positively

Thanks to the Mandarin Excellence Programme, students are able to develop a strong understanding of learning a new language from a young age. Not only does this promote the capacity for independent thought, but it will provide a large number of positive outcomes. For instance, learning Mandarin can help improve your memory. This is because the more you use your brain to learn new skills, the more your brain functions work. 

This is convincing because learning Mandarin pushes your brain to learn new grammar, different tenses and different wording to English. This, therefore, establishes new areas of the brain are being used; which enables your brain to develop more strength and support you with a more motivated mindset. 

Furthermore, learning another language shows you have the ability to multitask. This is because you can transition from one language to another, and thus the ability to interchange shows you can communicate effectively whilst thinking about other foreign words.

Lastly, combining all of the above skills delivers a clear image to the employer that you are a suitable and idyllic candidate. The motivation to learn an unfamiliar language reveals you are a motivated individual who is keen to explore new challenges and get them completed to the best of your ability. 

Sherpa Online

Often a bit of online tuition is what is required to help boost your studies. Be it the Mandarin Excellence Programme, your own personal studies or that Mandarin just intrigues you; online learning means your abilities can be developed and improved to maximise your potential and boost your skills to ace this subject. Sherpa offers a wide range of professional private tutors to help support you with exams, revision or general online learning. 

Our online whiteboard enables tutors to present work clearly and concisely to suit your needs and requirements at all times. The whiteboard provides a classroom experience virtually; thus allowing the student to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the tutor is teaching. To find out more about the whiteboard and its uses, click here. Once you are happy and confident, find a tutor with Sherpa to learn the art of Mandarin.

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