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What are placebos?

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When scientists are carrying out clinical trials for a new medicine they need to have a control group to compare their results. Just in case the act of taking a tablet or pill, for example, has an affect on a patient they use a placebo in the control group of patients. The placebo has no medicinal effect and the control group takes this and can therefore be compared to a test group which are actually given the medicine.

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Prit Shah

Let me explain this to you with an example. When a trial is conducted where a certain population is divided into 2 groups randomly, 1 group is given the substance or medication on which the actual trial is being conducted and the other group is given a Placebo. It is basically a substance that looks like a pill but has no effect on your body. Now, these groups are not aware if they have been given the actual medication or a placebo which is called Blinding to avoid any Bias. Then the trial is followed up for several days.

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