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What is the advantage of social media

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Chyna Kuhn

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Social Media can be quite advantageous to a business, as it could provide them with several benefit. For example, Cortez the street Brand, has used social media to create interest around their Brand and help make their Brand relatable to the younger more fashion conscious consumers. They have also used Social media to create interest and "Hype" surrounding their new releases, which has allowed the business to continuously sell out, each of their new releases.

However, Social Media can be quite negative to businesses, as the benefit of greater reach which it provides can also be negative to businesses, as negative reviews or interactions, can spread quite quickly, which can be quite detrimental to a company's brand image. For example, Balenciaga campaign, which drew criticism and started a social media boycott campaign against the company.

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Jude Kisang Asongwe

Social media helps in communication, advertisement, and furthermore most businesses use social media in managing their business recruitment and selection process. Social media also is used for entertainment as well as a platform for Education and Learning. Social media also enables us to socialise, share our experiences in life, relate with one another and also establish new relationships while maintaining old relationship.

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Social media is a relatively cheap form of marketing, which businesses use to attract new customers, build customer loyalty and gain customer feedback. A business can set an ad campaign dependent on their goal. For example if a business would like to increase their sales, it can target potential customers using 'location.' This would be useful for a local hairdresser or plumber with an objective of increasing sales and awareness. Moreover, a business can use social media to carry out market research. For example, on Facebook you can analyse your customers by looking at their demographic and likes. This can help a businesses to gain a better understanding of their target market and devise marketing campaigns accordingly, dependant on their objective.

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Mollie Rose Houston

One potential advantage of social media is its ability to facilitate communication and connections between individuals regardless of geographical boundaries. Social media platforms allow people to interact, share ideas, and collaborate in ways that were previously impossible. This can lead to the formation of diverse communities, the exchange of information and perspectives, and the fostering of relationships, both personal and professional. Additionally, social media can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to reach and engage with their target audience, advertise products or services, and gather feedback in real-time. Overall, the advantage of social media lies in its capacity to enhance communication, networking, and information sharing on a global scale.

Danielle Maguire

Social media is an inexpensive form of advertising for a business. They can set up an instagram/tiktok/facebook page to increase customer reach and spread awareness of the brand. Customers can share positive experiences and reviews online which will further increase awareness hopefully leading to more customers and potential traffic to the companies website.

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