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How is chemistry improving sustainability?

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Adriana Hudson

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Sustainability is the ability to maintain something at a certain level, here I am assuming it is referring to sustainable development. 

            Chemistry can act as a big part in improving sustainable development, as in the concept of trying to improve challenges the human race is facing such as climate change, poverty, water scarcity, etc. 

            In general, chemistry offers a broad spectrum of services that enable a more efficient use of natural resources, increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases, find uses for waste products, etc.

            A big part of this is green chemistry, chemistry focused on a better impact for the environment, we can synthesis better chemicals that can degrade quickly or are innocuous for environment. For example, in the past we used a large amount of chlorofluorocarbons which degraded the ozone layer immensely and would have caused irreparable damage in the ozone layer and an extra 2 to the global temperature. We saw the impact and thus use HCFCs now, which helped the ozone layer repair and slow down the ozone depletion.

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