What are the disadvantages of the cloud?

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Gary Orman

I use cloud services a lot, but I don't like to.

  1. You have to be connected to the internet. So if there's internet, or it goes down, or the service is degraded or you don't happen to have (or want) an expensive data plan then you data isn't accessible.
  2. It's not as secure as you might be led to believe. Sure, most services are encrypted, but there are plenty of weak links in the chain - the weakest is if someone gets access to your phone (either you don't have a proper password, or you use a thumbprint, which means someone can forcibly get you to sign in to your phone - or they simply chop of your thumb and walk away with all your data and probably empty your bank accounts too)!
  3. In nearly all cases, there is a limit to how much data you can store on the cloud. Google Drive gives you 15GB for free, and then it becomes really expensive. I have a friend with 180GB of photos on his iPad. The cost of a 2TB external drive is around £15. To get 200GB on Google Drive will cost you £25 p.a.
  4. And of course there are bandwidth issues. If you want to stream HD videos you'll need a fast connection. Uploading 1TB of data will take days. But on a local drive, viewing videos is immediate, and data transfers are blindingly fast.

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