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How might a soliloquy be used to portray a certain character’s inner thoughts and feelings in ‘Blood Brothers’?

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A soliloquy is a passage of speech within a play that is spoken by one character, on stage, when they are completely alone. There is no other character listening in. This is what makes a soliloquy and a monologue different - a monologue is simply one person speaking, but they do not have to be the only person on stage. In 'Blood Brothers', or in any play, a soliloquy represents what a character wants the audience to hear when they are completely alone. A soliloquy therefore may be viewed to portray a character's inner thoughts, as they express them verbally to an audience. Things to look for in a soliloquy are a stream of consciousness, repetition and exaggeration - all of which symbolise the thoughts and feelings we have when we are thinking internally.

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