What is an example of a resource in Alaska that has helped people overcome challenges?

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They have built their infrastructure to ensure that they can manage any weather condition. For example, the roads are built from extreme thick gravel and this prevents the heat from tyres etc altering the roads surfaces. This is better than tarmac/concrete roads as it will ensure stability within the roads.

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There are vast reserves of oil and gas in the north of Alaska. One-third of the state’s income comes from the industry, which employs over 100,000 people. Oil is transported from Prudhoe Bay in the north to Valdez in the south by the trans-Alaskan pipeline. The oil is heated as it travels along the pipe to stop it from freezing. In addition, the pipeline is raised above the land to avoid melting the permafrost, which could cause the pipeline to break.

Trans Alaskan pipelineTrans Alaskan pipeline

From Valdez, the oil is transported by tanker.

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One notable resource in Alaska that has played a crucial role in overcoming challenges is its abundant fisheries. Alaska boasts rich marine ecosystems, providing a vast array of fish such as salmon and halibut. The fishing industry has not only sustained local communities but also contributed significantly to the state's economy. Fishery resources have enabled Alaskans to overcome economic hardships, create job opportunities, and foster cultural resilience. Additionally, the sustainable management of fisheries emphasizes environmental stewardship, ensuring a long-term and balanced utilization of this valuable resource for the benefit of both people and the ecosystem.

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The Alaska Permanent Fund was set up to help residents a portion of the states revenue made from oil extraction and trade.

This is used to fund education, healthcare as well as living expenses for the residents.

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