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What is a sedentary lifestyle?

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Bradley Hartmann

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A sedentary lifestyle is when there is practically no physical activity in a person's life. Such a person only goes to the car and always uses the elevator. A walk for such a person can be an event. Such a person does not go to the gym. Most often, such people necessarily eat some kind of disease - obesity, problems with the spine, diseases of internal organs, and so on.

To improve your life, you need to add at least minimal physical activity to your daily routine. For example, walk more. A simple walk already counts as a cardio exercise, so a short walk after work will already make you feel better. Don't immediately start running a marathon or spending hours in the gym - your body will be under a lot of stress and you will lose the desire to train for a long time.

If walking is too boring for you, then try to find something fun. For example, darts, curling, ping-pong and other activities. Ping pong generally improves attentiveness, concentration, and also improves mood, because most often you play with people who are pleasant to you. The equipment is simple - a table, paddles and balls. It is more than enough to make you feel better using it.

You can also try swimming - it perfectly strengthens the spine. You can go to group classes - this way you will be motivated to keep up with the group.

In general, the main desire is to change your life for the better and give yourself time to get used to the changes. Good luck!

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