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How can a sprinter set a goal? and how can the sprinter measure his goal?

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Jeff Balistreri

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Natasha Dyer

This depends on what the sprinter needs to develop. For example, a simple goal would be for a sprinter to improve their 100 meter print speed time by 1 second. To measure this, you would need to add a time frame. For example, it may be the sprinter would like to improve their 100m sprint time by 1 second in the next 4 weeks. You can measure this by finding out what the spinners current sprint time is for the 100m e.g. 13 seconds. After 4 weeks of training, measure the sprint speed again by recording the sprinters 100m sprint using a stopwatch. You will then be able to see if they have met their goal by improving their sprint speed by 1 second. Try using the SMART goal setting principle to ensure you design an effective goal. SMART = S - specific to the athletes needs, M = Measurable, can you measure it? (e.g.time, distance), A - Achievable, can this be achieved?, R - Realistic Will the person realistically be able to meet this goal?, T - Time Bound In what time frame does this goal need to be met? e.g. week, month, year.

Cameron Benjamin Harris

A sprinter should set a goal based on the SMART targets either by themselves or the designated coach. This should be based on their current performance and how they want to improve. For example. To achieve 11 seconds in the 100m sprint, this goal is quite far fetched depending on the individual so instead we say. By the end of the running season I would like to reduce my 100m time by 3 tenths of a second, this is more realistic and achievable in line with the smart targets.

we can then measure by competing at events, tracking the times from the competitions and reflecting this in the training schedule provided.

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