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What is an advantage of attending a faith school?

1 year ago


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Brown Hagenes

2 Answers

Muhammad Umer

Religious schools often offer higher quality academics than surrounding public school districts. Many religious schools offer a dual-curriculum or integrated curriculum model where students have a rigorous general studies schedule as well as time or classes for religious instruction and prayer.

Miya Hughes

There can be some disadvantages of attending a faith school. This may include limited exposure to diverse perspectives and a narrower curriculum as it the curriculum may only focus on the faith that it is within the school eg Christian faith schools may only focus on Christian saints and parables at Ks2. This can foster a community of intolerance to those of other religions as it may same strange if children have never learnt about it. Additionally, there can be challenges to those students who attend the school but do not adhere to the domains faith, this can include feeling excluded and not fully represented.

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