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Say hello to some of our tutors

Dehaja Senanayake

Dehaja is studying for a masters in Economics at the University of Edinburgh! She teaches Maths and Economics at various levels on Sherpa.

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Charlie Winnett

Charlie has worked with children for over 7 years and prides himself on his patient, engaging tutoring style.

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Lucy Webber

Lucy completed her 4 year teacher training qualification with English and has taught in primary schools ever since!

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Whether your child is looking to learn something new or brush-up on something old, our huge choice of top tutors will help keep their studies on track. All you’ve got to do is choose the topic! No travelling needed.

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Not everyone gets to be a tutor at Sherpa. But those that do are either fully qualified teachers or have a wealth of experience tutoring in their subject. You can read about their experience in their bio’s, so you can make sure you’ve got the right tutor for your child.

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Interesting Education and Technology News and updates on Sherpa!

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When are the GCSE and A-level exams 2021? Everything you need to know about an unusual exam season!

Students are back at school set out to take their GCSE and A-level summer exams like usual! Except for one thing… exams will be delayed by several weeks, giving pupils more time to catch u


23rd October 2020

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5 Things to Reflect on Before Hiring a Private Tutor

How does one choose amongst all of the private tuition options? Is online tutoring worth it? The private tuition market is growing hugely, keep these 5 tips in mind before hiring a tutor.

Sebastian Owen

22nd October 2020

Blog Cover Image

Inspirational Black Pioneers Who Helped Shape Education

The work of these pioneers can often go unnoticed or forgotten which is why Black History Month is a very significant time for everyone, regardless of race, to learn about the contributions t


21st October 2020


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Sherpa uses it's own safe online classroom, the interactive whiteboard. Students can message tutors through our platform, book slots for 1-1 private lessons and talk freely over video-chat.
Whilst in the lesson, our whiteboard has the capabilities to teach all subjects and can transform visually to cater to all your online learning needs, for example Maths, English, Music and Science.
Tutors and students have uninterrupted private lessons, just as they would in person, but also with the use of our technical study help tools and online resources.

You have come to the right place! Our tutors all have teaching experience and have been helping students smash their exams for many years. Simply follow these instructions:
Click on the ‘Find a Tutor’ button at the top of the page, this will take you to our range of friendly teachers. You can filter your results by subject and education level. Our most popular being IB, GCSE and A-Level tutors.
You can then message a tutor of your choice by viewing their profile and clicking ‘Get in Touch’. This sends them a direct message and from there you can have a free 20 minute introduction and arrange a time to book your online classes.

1-1 online private tutoring boosts a child’s confidence and allows them to tackle their challenges head on in a friendly environment. Tutoring has proven to help children pass their exams due to the specific study goals they can set with their tutor and the focus that comes with being the only one in the class. Moving tutoring to an online environment like Sherpa allows you to achieve your aims from home, connect with great tutors and use our online study resources.

With 100% focus from the tutor to the student 1-1 private tuition lessons are incredibly effective. Being guided through the syllabus at your own pace allows you to understand all topics and work through at your own pace. Giving you the best chance to get those A*s. It is a great idea to set target grades with your tutor. This gives you both something to work towards and at the end you will be able to see how much progress you have made.

Online tutoring is to work alongside a child’s school syllabus. Throughout a school term there are often various topics that are harder to understand or get brushed past quickly in the classroom. Whether it be an English literature text, a maths equation or exam technique, online tutoring is there to fill those gaps and keep brains active over the school holidays.

At Sherpa we only pick tutors with teaching experience, it is all very well being an extremely knowledgeable person but transferring that information to the student is most important. Our tutors have both teaching experience and extreme knowledge of their field. We personally interview each and every tutor who applies, and only around 1 in 8 tutors who apply make it onto the platform. The best combination to achieve A*s.

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