5 Reasons becoming a part-time tutor can lead to a fulfilling career

Winter is fast approaching. The days are getting shorter and the opportunities to continue enjoying the sun after 4.30 pm are dwindling. It’s not a surprise then, that during the winter months, the average time spent interacting with technology increases. Whether that is watching youtube instead of going for a walk, playing a video game instead of throwing, hitting or kicking a ball (whichever floats your boat), even scouring through internet recipes instead of going out for a meal.

The influx in technologies available to help keep us all engaged, enthralled and educated cannot be underestimated. So why not ponder the questions, “How can I take advantage of this? How can I continue to grow into the best version of myself and even pass that knowledge on? How can I attain my goals faster?”

The answer is quite simple. A part-time job, a side-hustle, call it what you’d like. One that takes advantage of the rise in the technology industry, one that can help you share the knowledge you have gained and continue your own development, as well as, provide you with additional income to buy your dream house, go on your dream holiday or help provide for your family. 

What kind of part-time job fulfils these requirements I hear you ask? Online tutoring.

The frailties of the education system have been exposed during the pandemic. It has become more evident that traditional teaching is being usurped by a more flexible, profound and engaging way of learning. Students have had more time with an educator to ask questions, build trust and create a rapport through breakout rooms in classes. Online tutoring just escalates this further and provides students with the option of having dedicated time to ask any and all questions they have without fear of judgement from their peers. It is no surprise, therefore, that according to HolonIQ the growth in global education technology expenditure is expected to hit $342 billion by 2025 from data collected pre-pandemic!

Well, that’s all well and good but what reasons do you have to dedicate your deserved leisure time to become an online tutor. I can give you 5, good quality reasons that by the end will have you jumping off that sofa or out of bed and running to the desk to begin your application. These reasons may even pave the way for you to look into doing it full-time.

1: Money

It is the elephant in the room. But it is important, it may be the driving force behind you wanting to begin a career in online tutoring. Some tutors are making up to £3,500 per month through online tuition, the demand for which has been driven by the pandemic.

It is not to say that you will be earning this figure when you start or even ever reach it, however, the opportunity has never been better. Concerned parents are looking to splash the cash to help students catch up on all of the school work they have missed in the last year and to get them ready for the resumption of important exams at the end of the year. 

As an online tutor, you have the ability to set your own hourly rates. As mentioned earlier for your time provides you with incredible flexibility to ensure that you are paid the correct amount for your work, depending on your qualifications and skills. A quick gander around the internet will bring up thousands of online tutors all at varying price points. The average per hour is £30 but most sites (including Sherpa) provide you with the option to set your own hourly rate. If you are an experienced and specialised tutor it is not unreasonable to charge £75 per hour.

The ability to set your own rates, once you have found your feet, can help turn this part-time job into a full-time career without being stuck behind a desk 9 to 5. Definitely, worth contemplation!

2: It is a rewarding experience

This is number 1 and always will be, this is the main driving force behind the education sector. An eagerness to share knowledge and rejoice in the achievements of others. Whether that is overcoming difficulties, receiving top marks or simply boosting confidence in a topic. Seeing student progression can overwhelm teachers and tutors with pride, seeing the impact they have had on someone’s life. It is a gratifying job that helps foster strong relationships and healthy rapports. 

Tutoring is a world apart from a typical classroom. Each session is unique and focused upon one student. This is an experience that not many students would get in class. Using this thought in your sessions will help both you and the student use the time efficiently and you can watch their confidence and grades soar.

It’s not just about the reward you get out of seeing student progress. Tutoring reinforces your own skills and techniques as you become accustomed to a whole host of different learning styles, strengthening your communication, leadership skills and adaptability. These are important for your own growth and it is incredibly rewarding to see yourself progress as a tutor. 

3: Flexibility

Online tutors are commonly self-employed, meaning you are your own boss. Unlike a regular 9 to 5, it’s so much more convenient. The flexibility gained from managing your own workload gives you the opportunity to accommodate work around other commitments, helping to create a better work-life balance.

Choosing the days you work, the hours you work and where you work from is an incredibly attractive proposition. That dream you always had of living in the wilderness but still maintaining a regular working connection is now a possibility. (Just make sure you have an internet connection!)

4: Boost your self-confidence

Venturing into a new work experience can certainly be daunting if you have never done it before, especially on your own. Online tuition services help by providing a whole host of support to get you started on your journey.

There are a number of ways that online tutoring can help you boost your confidence, whether that is from a work POV or just general self-confidence.

1: Preparation

Confidence can be hugely improved by better preparation and time management. Taking the time before sessions to outline objectives, what you are trying to convey and how you are going to spend the time helps to remove the fear factor that comes from the unexpected, fuelling a feeling of low confidence.

2: Actively pushing yourself

Changing set behaviours is extremely difficult, they have been built up over countless hours and change can only be achieved through reinforcement. If you prefer sitting and waiting for students to contact you, push yourself to “pick up the phone and start dialling”.

By confronting the feelings that are holding you back, you will boost your confidence to a point where you will be unphased by technical challenges or issues that arise.

3: Learn from the best

Watch, analyse and emulate tutors that exude confidence. Take a look at their profiles and see how you can apply it to yours. Whilst this may seem sneaky, it should not be viewed as such. You are simply taking on board inspiration. I am in no way saying go out there and copy someone word for word as this is plagiarism, but use their profile to prompt you in the right direction. 

Confidence is not a tangible concept, you can’t pick it up and drink it - but once it is improved, the success you achieve will be noticeable and your limits will have evaporated. Not only will you find that you begin to enjoy your work more but personal relationships will improve. Confidence is a state of mind.

5: Finding your niche!

You can never take for granted the importance of doing something you love as a career. Most individuals go through their lives keeping a distance between a passion they have and a job every day as they fear burnout. But just think of the positives:

1: You’re more invested in your job

If you’re doing something daily that you are invested and engaged in personally and professionally, the likelihood is that you will see an influx in creativity and attentiveness around the topic.

2: Stability may not outweigh unhappiness

If you feel under-stimulated and unhappy at your stable job, the resulting stress and de-motivation are actually harmful to your emotional and physical health, leading to a reduction in productivity for your passions. Research suggests that employees are 12% more productive when they are happy and content. So if you are going to spend a considerable amount of time each week doing something that makes you feel like scrunching up into a ball, it’s probably not worth looking for something in line with your interests.

You may begin your journey into online tutoring as a part-time job but with the reasons outlined above; there is nothing holding you back from turning this passion into a full-time career with amazing benefits. The potential for this role is limitless and could open the door to you branching out into other areas even if you do not wish to turn to it full-time.

If this is a path that interests you and you would like more information about becoming an online tutor, click the following link to see how Sherpa can offer you the best chance to kickstart your tutoring career.


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James Gurnett

10th September

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