How to Build a Standout Professional Teacher Profile Online

How to build your professional teacher profile online

Your digital teacher profile is more important than ever right now. Schools and recruiters are spending more time researching online and interviewing candidates remotely. Whether you are actively looking for a new teaching role, promoting your availability as an online tutor or hoping to generate some traffic to your teacher resources side hustle, there are a few easy ways to raise your profile and make the right impression.

Find your voice and start creating your own content

Raise your profile as a teacher or tutor by sharing your knowledge, tips and advice with other teachers. Post regular updates to keep your followers engaged and encourage them to share your content. Teacheroo, the Online Teacher Community app makes it easy to post blogs and live stream video straight to your feed so it is the perfect place to start building your digital presence as a professional teacher.

Register as a Sherpa tutor

If you are keen to earn some additional money from teaching, check out Sherpa. This is one of the quickest, easiest ways to get in front of thousands of students searching for professional tutoring services.

Keep it consistent

Try to use the same username, bio and key contact information on every social channel, as well as on your Sherpa Tutor profile. This will make it easy for social media users, schools and potential clients to find you in search engines and get in touch.

Engage with other teachers, schools and organisations

Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional network. Use platforms like Teacheroo to find other educators to share knowledge and ideas with.

Put your best foot forward

Don’t be shy! Celebrate your personal success stories and promote your specialist subject areas. Ensure your profile pages on social media platforms like Teacheroo are complete and up to date and use the opportunity to list your skills, share resources and describe your professional inspiration and goals. Teacheroo is the only global social platform designed specifically for teachers, offering educators a dedicated, friendly space to connect, share ideas and browse 1000s of free resources.


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Sebastian Owen

19th March

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