Maths Teacher up for £1M Prize Thanks to Online Resources

Established by the Varkey Foundation, the Global Teacher Prize is now in its sixth year. Included in the group of finalists is Jamie Frost from a grammar school in Kingston upon Thames. Jamie teaches maths and is the only UK entrant to reach the top 10 out of 12000 global applicants.


Mr Frost has had many jobs in the past but has always wanted to teach as he feels most comfortable in a classroom. Jamie has said: “I just love working with students. When I compare [teaching] to my previous days in investment banking, I wouldn’t have anything else really.”

Why is Jamie Up for the Prize?


Jamie is up for the prize after his tuition website went global during lockdown. The site DrFrostMaths offers a free learning platform with teaching resources, revision videos and a bank of practice exam questions. 


The site was developed to support the school he attended. It was additionally made to support low achieving students and provide distance learning to help build confidence during lockdown for those struggling. 



However, it has now far outgrown that modest ambition. The site’s learning resources have been downloaded six million times, and evidence suggests that the site is used in some capacity by well over half of all secondary schools in the UK.


Frost is still receiving emails every day from teachers and pupils around the world thanking him for his support. Many countries still in lockdown and closure of schools in various cities has meant that the website is a success globally.


The site has proved particularly popular in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, and Frost has even been asked to support younger detainees at a prison in Ohio with their maths studies.



Due to Frost managing to keep the website up and running without charging visitors for resources, teachers everywhere have been praising his help during the financially tough year.


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Sebastian Owen

19th October

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