The Students Ignored by the Coronavirus Legislation

University students all over the country have felt let down, neglected, and ignored by the government’s decisions during the course of the coronavirus crisis.

Students are unfortunately set out to pay full tuition fees even if their courses are taught online this year, the government has said.

“We don’t believe students will be entitled to reimbursement if the quality is there,” universities minister Michelle Donelan said. “Students are really getting the quality, and they’re getting a course which is fit for purpose”, they would not get a discount on fees.

It could hit those hardest who do not have easy access to a reasonable laptop, PC or adequately fast Wi-Fi. What about those who rely upon university facilities that are now restricted or hardly open?

Unable to alter contracts, not only do University Students have the delight of paying full tuition fees this year but many “ living out” are also paying accommodation fees whilst residing at home with a 5.6% interest rate!

The content of the material provided by some lecturers may be similar to before; however, many research labs and rooms are closed within universities, with libraries open for limited hours, and many student activities at a halt. If the experience is hardly the same should you be expected to pay the full amount?

Foreign students often pay twice or three times the £9,250 a year paid by their UK counterparts. Rose, an international student from India studying in Manchester, said getting lessons online was not an adequate alternative — and regretted paying so much for her course.

“It’s been a nightmare. First of all, we had two strikes which lasted three to four weeks at a time and now this.”

“I paid £19,000 for my course. We’re not a rich family. That’s all the money my family have. I feel so guilty for using it all up for this.”

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19th October

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