Do Plants Boost Productivity in a Workspace?

Trying to be productive in a work environment is one of the key issues many people face on a regular basis. Some common reasons are due to a work overload, poor working environment or general boredom. 

This article provides detailed analysis on how people can help improve their productivity and support their stress management. The simple answer: plants. Not only do plants compliment reduced stress levels, but additionally to help support mental health and work coordination. 

How do plants improve air quality? 

According to a study in 2013, at least 90% of Europeans spend their time indoors. And this is going to be even higher now that many schools and universities have moved to distance learning due to the coronavirus. 

It is believed pollution levels are often worse inside buildings than outside. Critically, it is vital for all buildings to install ventilation to offset any pollution levels. Alternatively, the use of plants can help clean the air and bring a mental and physical boost to people. 

This is true because NASA did a study in the 1980’s which has shown plants help reduce carbon particles in the air. Not only does this support better air quality, but it can additionally improve online tutors and students’ wellbeing and reduce breathing problems. The outcome of this process is well respected in work environments to support online learning or revision courses. 

Reasons why plants boost productivity

Plants are a natural solution to reducing carbon particles and are a useful tool to help enhance productivity for a number of reasons. Firstly, employees knowing they are working in cleaner air will give them a physical and mental boost. Physical because cleaner air is being breathed in. Mentally because it provides employees with an inclination of a healthy working environment.

Secondly, cleaner air will enable fewer work absences and sick days. The Human Spaces global study has studied the impact of office environments and ways to improve productivity. Research has shown 58% of workers have no live plants in offices. 

On the other hand, employees who work in environments with natural elements discovered a 15% higher level of well being and a 6% rise in productivity. Such evidence only suggests plants are a fantastic way to boost employee efficiency. 

Thirdly, plants make workspaces more attractive. Employees just seeing plants in the workspace can make them psychologically more engaged and upbeat. For students who are actively engaged with Sherpa, this can greatly help with GCSE revision and A-level revision when having tuition from our expert private tutors. 

Not does this only benefit current employees, but new applicants will be impressed with the desire from the firm to support the mental and physical wellbeing of workers which can help increase a more motivated and larger workforce. 

Lastly, the use of plants compliments the ability for people to become more creative in a workspace. According to Global Study, the use of natural elements in the workplace enhanced 15% creativity. This is important to consider because creativity suggests workers are thinking outside the box and this can help further business development and efficiency.

Tutors and students at Sherpa

When it comes to exam season, tutors are working at maximum capacity to ensure their students are going into the exams with full confidence. While students are working similarly long hours to ensure their revision notes are perfected and all exam past papers are completed to a high quality for their standards.

To support both parties, the use of plants should be used all year round and particularly during stressful exam seasons. Online tuition has very much become the new norm for many people; so the ability to have plants nearby can help calm the mind and hone one’s thoughts towards what the online tutor is saying. Watch this video here on what types of plants are most recommended to improve productivity. 

Although the type of plant is highly specific, it is the point that a plant in a room will help people become motivated and productive. This is not just a focus on the science perspective of plants creating cleaner air, but additionally the focus that plants can make people calm and relaxed. 

Plants are just one thing to make yourself more productive. To expand further, read another one of our Sherpa blogs here which focuses on other methods to make you a productive worker. 

For students wanting to expand their revision and learning abilities, book a session now to have expert tuition. All sessions are one-to-one so any questions are always individual to you per session. 

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Jamie Gibbs

6th August

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