4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Study Over the Summer

A long Summer does not just create a pause in learning, it can also diminish any skills that have already been learnt. This refers to the common term “use it or lose it”. Without exam preparation or consistent learning habits, students will be going into the next year overwhelmed with high academic stress levels. That’s why at Sherpa we have created 4 invaluable tips on how to keep academic content fresh in your mind which is positively secured by our professional online tutors

1. Consistency Is Key

Consistent and regular sessions with professional Sherpa tutors are vital to achieve top grades. This can be achieved by booking online sessions to stay on track with Primary, KS3, GCSE or A-Level work. This enables students to access high quality academic content and revision resources by Sherpa tutors. 

According to the American Educational Research Association, a review of 35 studies have shown test scores dramatically decline over the Summer. Such analysis states a lack of study time and a set of habits causes students to become slower resulting in poorer academic performances.

More commonly, this is referred to as “Summer brain drain” because students enter relaxation mode and forget the important knowledge. It is essential students maintain constant online lessons with Sherpa tutors to ensure new skills are learnt and for their preferences to be tailored to each individual session. 

2. Set Targets

Setting targets enables your child to become motivated and enthusiastic about their studies for a number of reasons. Firstly, setting targets creates positive learning behaviours because they give you something to work towards. Having a goal makes you determined to have it completed and this in turn will make you a more efficient worker. 

Secondly, targets make students engage more with their work because they will feel connected to building their learning. This reduces academic pressure and procrastination knowing you have achieved high-priority tasks. As a result, students are able to reduce stress levels because the necessary work and revision is being completed at an earlier stage.

You can achieve this step by getting a diary, setting out mind maps or creating daily reminders for you to conquer. 

3. Preparation

Have you ever heard of the 5 P’s? They are defined as “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”. This is a powerful term that is highly convincing. It is important to consider that when you start early with revision this means you are thinking ahead and developing strong study habits.

Not only are you creating better time management towards your studies; but additionally, prior preparation yields strong results which simply suggests your hard work is rewarding. 

It is not by coincidence that those who leave work to the last minute will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed. With the support and guidance of Sherpa tutors, you can feel confident knowing you have had expert tuition even before the academic year has begun.

This enables any final preparations to be solely focused towards revision cards already made; rather than using up valuable time by cramming new content a few days before the exam day. 

Furthermore, it is best to be prepared by having the right study materials. For instance, it is impossible to remember everything so it is always best to have resources to write information down. Therefore, when it comes to sessions with Sherpa tutors, plan your revision notes by using notepads with the whiteboard

4. Set Your “Study Zone”

Studying in general requires long periods of concentration. Being in an environment where there is lots of noise or distractions can be highly off putting and enough to deter you from studying. Your study sessions must be in a room where you associate yourself with effective working.

There are additional factors to consider when you are working in your “study zone”. Firstly, make sure it is tidy. An untidy desk can naturally stress an individual because of the many distractions in front of you. It is far better to be tidy and focus on one task than have many different documents in front of you.

Secondly, make sure your “study zone” is comfortable. Working on a sofa or a kitchen counter are not suitable working environments. You will be a more effective worker when you have regular breaks in an office environment. 

Lastly, ensure your study zone is free from distractions. Social media is regarded as one of the worst distractors for people. It is important to leave your phone in another room in order to maximise your revision effectiveness. This is essential when having a session with Sherpa tutors because this enables your full attention to be directed to the whiteboard. 

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Sebastian Owen

22nd June

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