The Best Educational Netflix Shows, Broken Down by Subject

Undeniably, we all love a little binge-watching and can’t get enough of our streaming channels. Whether you are Netflix and chilling all evening or cramming in a few episodes on the bus / in your lunch break, there is a show out there for each one of us. Some relish the chance to switch off after a long day and some have a thirst for more knowledge or an intense drama. Whichever way you are inclined, here are a selection of shows that will allow you to both relax and learn something along the way too. 



Created by Vox Media, Explained, is an incredibly well-produced and informative show that delivers huge topic depth and insightful knowledge on specific subjects. Each 20-minute episode covers a separate topical issue in detail and is voiced by a new guest star each week. 

Its success has also spawned a few spin-off series for topics that may be too complex for one episode such as The Mind, Sex, Coronavirus and Money. 


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Based on the famous novel by spy enthusiast John le Carre, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy follows George Smiley working for MI6 in 1970s England. The most successful film to come out of le Carre’s novels, it is an intense spy thriller jam packed with British acting stars.



From the outside. Moneyball might look like your typical sports drama. It is the true story of an underfunded Baseball team who decided to focus on Maths to judge their players and set up gameplays rather than qualitative methods. 


The Universe 

Science is at the forefront of this TV show. It is packed full of knowledge and at the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries. Find the secrets of the universe in a visual manner that pairs animation with insights on distant planets, black holes and other celestial marvels. 


David Attenborough, A Life On Our Planet

David Attenborough has written, narrated or produced well over 100 documentaries in his life. One of his most recent, A Life On Our Planet, follows the climate events and biological impacts that have occurred on Earth during his lifetime to grieve the loss of wild places and offer a vision for the future. 


Breaking Bad

No list of scientific TV shows would be complete without mentioning Breaking Bad. Every GCSE Science class has tried to convince their teacher that watching this will help them with their studies. If you have not yet watched it, then settle in for a wild ride!


There are thousands of historical movies and TV shows available on all matter of subjects and time periods so these are just a few:

WW2 in Colour

A must-see documentary series for any school pupil studying History at GCSE, A-level or even University. 13 40-minute episodes work chronologically through the events of the Second World War beginning with Germany’s dangerous expansion and Hitler’s growing confidence in the late 1930s. The series works through key events and decisions in a methodical and visual way helping the viewer piece together the story of the war with real footage.

Horrible Histories

For the younger ones with an interest in history, who may not want to sit through a long war documentary, Horrible Histories is the perfect show. It is for kids, but adults may also enjoy it because of the fun takes that they put on historical events. 

Death of Stalin

If you are looking for a movie, The Death of Stalin is perfect. It follows the immediate events after Josef Stalin’s death. Acted by a group of British comedians the humour is very subtle and dry but works perfectly in the setting. You will want to rewatch it because of its surprising historical accuracy. 

Art & Design

Abstract: The Art of Design

Essential for anyone with an artistic flair, this show definitely has the potential to influence a student into studying art. Each episode follows a different artist who has specialised in one particular area and is an expert in their abstract niche. Even the cinematography used is artistic and beautiful to watch. 

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28th July

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