The Best Subjects to Teach Online

Just like their students, every teacher has a favourite subject. Some of them are preferred childhood lessons that have stuck with them all along, some of them may be their favourite to teach because it inspires their students the most or they may have a favourite subject because the classroom is located closest to the staff break room!

Online tutoring jobs allow teachers to take whichever subject they like, as long as they are qualified to teach it. They are not held back by whatever is available at school or what year group/exam level needs most focus on. 

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Physics and Maths Tuition

Physics and Maths are the joint top most in-demand subjects for tuition. Due to the nature of these STEM subjects, the need for most students to get a better understanding outside of their existing classes, Maths and Physics make up most of all hours taught in online tuition lessons. 

Obviously not everyone can become an online Physics and Maths teacher. However those that are familiar with the exam boards and the topics will find that it can be a very simple and rewarding part-time job. Physics and Maths tuition lessons are most popular as joined subjects at A-level where often both are studied together in order to get a place at University studying a STEM degree. GCSE’s are often popular too however there is far more demand for A-level Maths and Physics Tutors. Online tutors often prefer teaching at A-level standard anyway as generally the student is far more engaged during the online class and has a real interest in the covered issues. 


English as a Foreign Language is also one of the most popular subjects to teach online. This is mainly due to how easy it is to teach, achieve teaching qualifications and get set up online. After all, we all already know how to speak English. Most teachers who have made the switch to online tuition or tutor in their free time have completed their TEFL course to train them to teach English online. 

The TEFL 120 hours course is a simple online course that once completed gives the tutor a certificate proving their value and getting them ready to teach online. It is recognised by all online tutoring platforms and many students!

The reason EFL is such a great subject to tutor online is because you already know the content, you can gain the qualifications incredibly easily and there are thousands of amazing resources available to you online to use in your lessons. 

Exam Years and Exam Prep

There is a huge demand for online tuition in exam preparation and exam technique. This can be taught alongside the subject that a tutor specialises in or it can be taught solely on its own. 

Students year after year achieve lower grades than expected due to poor exam technique and wasted revision time. With tutors that specialise in exam help, a student can often jump 2 grades. 

Teachers and online tutors love taking exam prep and technique lessons because as long as they have a good grip of the content, most of the marks can be picked up by a thorough examination of the specification and learning how to apply that to your answers.

Subjects in your Niche

There is plenty of online tutoring to be done for test and exam preparation in your chosen industry. For example, tutoring for accounting and financial exams, UCAT and other medical exams, computer science, programming and coding tutoring. All of these topics are commonly tutored by professionals in each industry to young starters trying to get ahead. 

This is such a popular form of tuition because it is based around the industry that you love. You are doing your bit to inspire younger generations with what you do for a living and the tutee gets the chance to speak to a friendly face in their dream career who they can learn from in many more ways than simply their exam preparation.

How do I get started?

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Sebastian Owen

28th June

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