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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Michelle S

Chemistry and Science teacher with experience of teaching French

HiAre you struggling with Science and Chemistry concept?Look no further.I am a qualified UK Chemistry and Science teacher with over a decade of experience. I have successfully taught IGCSEs, GCSEs, BTEC, AS and A-Level.My teaching philosophy is based on teaching using a holistic appr...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 14
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Sarah M

A professional Science Tutor with over 15 years of experience.

I am a qualified Secondary School Science teacher and a graduate of Salford University, BSc (Hons) Biological and Biochemical Sciences and a graduate of Surrey University, MSc Virology. I teach GCSE and iGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (all syllabi). I have enhanced DBS certification. As an experienc...

Hourly Rate: £40
Lsns Taught: 13
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Carola H

Experienced and enthusiastic Secondary Science tutor

Hi, My name is Carola. The fascination for understanding the world around us runs in my family, with both of my siblings and my father having degrees in Biology and Chemistry and working in Science-related jobs until the present. My scientific background is broad, with a Master's degree in Bio...

Hourly Rate: £35
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Yara C

Experienced, friendly, and flexible Biology tutor

Hello everyone! :) I'm a 3rd year PhD student in Food and Biological Sciences at the University of Reading. I'm also a hall mentor at the University of Reading. In this job, I basically offer welfare support to students living in halls and struggling with their studies, or with mental health issues...

Hourly Rate: £25
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DBS Checked

Wahid Rahimi

GCSE and A Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry Tutor

I am a medic and a graduate of UCL in BSc(Hons) Biomedical Sciences. I am teaching GCSE and A level Biology, Chemistry and Maths I take a holistic approach in my teaching; providing high quality teaching which is concise, result-driven and systematic- with focus on key concepts, revision and exam strateg...

Hourly Rate: £30
Lsns Taught: 17
Over 115 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trustpilot Reviews and counting...
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DBS Checked

Nada L

Maths chemistry biology and physics tutor GCSE and A level >15 years

I have a Bsc in Biochemistry and a masters degree in analytical chemistry, QTS and PhD in genetics and another masters degree in the use of maths in sciences. I have been teaching more than 15 years and I have plenty of online teaching experience throughout my career. I love to tutor as it gives me the chance to kee...

Hourly Rate: £35
Lsns Taught: 16
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Safina Iqbal

Experienced Science teacher with over 100+ lessons done in tuition.

I studied Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with a degree in Biomedical Sciences at Bradford University.I have over 1000+ hours experience tutoring in Math's, Physics, Biology and Chemistry at GCSE and A/AS Levels. My experience allows me to deliver lessons in a unique way, I also have fantastic c...

Hourly Rate: £27
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Neena K

I am an experienced teacher with over 25 years experience.

I am an experienced and qualified secondary school teacher with over 25 yrs experience. As well as teaching Science at KS3 level, my speciality is in teaching Chemistry and Biology to GCSE and A-level. Currently, I am only taking bookings up to GCSE level in all Sciences and Maths.In the past five...

Hourly Rate: £35
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Qualified Teacher

Katy H

I am a supportive and fun science teacher with 20 years of experience

Hello, my name is Katy. I am a UK qualified science teacher (PGCE) with a degree in Biochemistry. I am a native English speaker but I am also fluent in Spanish. I have been teaching for 20 years in different schools in the UK and internationally, including Mexico, Cuba, Czech Republic and Spain. I have taught studen...

Hourly Rate: £40
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Qualified Teacher


Science Tutor keys stage 3 and key stage 4 chemistry specialist

I specialise in Chemistry 🧪 I can teach both key stage 3 and key stage 4 up to GCSE. And can also teach A level Chemistry....

Hourly Rate: £22
Keerthana G profile picture

Keerthana G

Enthusiastic KS1- GCSE Math and Science Tutor!

As a Software Engineering Graduate, I am very passionate about helping students develop a creative and inquisitive mind. I'm very patient and a good listener. I understand that students learn in a variety of ways, some are kinesthetic or visual learners and require more hands-on experiments ...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 19
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DBS Checked

Mike F

An experienced, patient tutor currently teaching in a school.

I am currently working as a part-time Physics and Maths teacher at Collingham School, Kensington and have taught at their Easter Revision course for the last nineteen years. I have worked in various schools and colleges (from 2002) and have gained lots of experience of teaching students of all ages and from a wide v...

Hourly Rate: £45
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DBS Checked

Jeffery P

Experienced teacher/tutor/senior examiner with thirty years experience

I am a retired Head of Chemistry so I have having a great deal of experience teaching both A level and GCSE to these levels. I am currently a senior examiner for the IBO and, in the past, I have marked for the OCR, Edexcel, and WJEC boards. I was, for a number of years, the senior examiner for a gr...

Hourly Rate: £35
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DBS Checked

Domonkos Perenyi

An enthusiastic Chemistry/Maths tutor with over 4 years of experience

I am a Master of Chemistry (MChem) graduate from Durham University with a considerable amount of experience in teaching and scientific research. Chemistry is my major, thus mostly I would like to teach this subject.Since early childhood, I have solely been identifying and practising hobbies which have a long ...

Hourly Rate: £25
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DBS Checked


An enthusiastic science tutor with 4 years of teaching experiences.

Hi, I'm Neda and I'm a 4th year post graduate medical student. I have 4 years of tutoring experience in person and, more recently, online. I am very passionate about teaching. For the past few years I have been teaching and preparing students for exams in subjects such as biology (GCSE and A-level), chem...

Hourly Rate: £20