What are the outcome of Motor Neurone Disease?

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Seamus Russel

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The cells in the brain and nerves where the signals being sent from the brain to the body deteriorate over time. As the condition worsens, the individual stops being able to control/ feel parts of their body as the signals to contract and relax the muscle can't be received. This spreads throughout the body until the brain can no longer send signals to the essential organs such as lungs and heart and the person dies. It is comparable to locked-in-syndrome.

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Dear Seamus Russel

There are a variety of motor neuron diseases and each one affects the sufferer differently however the more general outcomes of having this disease include:

  • Paralysis
  • difficulty speaking and swallowing due to loss of muscle function.
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Inability to function in general life due to the loss of control over their body's and becoming increasingly dependent on others.

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People who have MND can develop paralysis of the body, have problems swallowing and becoming breathless. This is because motor neurone stop reaching the muscles leading muscles to weaken and waste away.

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