give three molecules,other proteins and cholesterol ,that are present in animal cell

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5 Replies

Radhika Upreti Oli

Carbohydrates, nucleic acids


Glucose, sucrose-Carbohydrate molecules

Haemoglobin -Protein molecule

Lipid, Triglycerides -Cholesterol molecules


Phospholipid bilayer, channel proteins, carrier proteins.

Sabrina Hossain

lipids, carbohydrates and nuclei acids

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Hi Louie,

There are a number of other types of molecules you find in animal cells - these include:

nucleic acids - these are the molecules that make up our genetic code. At KS3 you will probably only be told about the nucleic acid called DNA, (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid), but there is another type called RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) which you'll learn about for GCSE.

carbohydrates - these include both starches and sugars. Starch is used as a way of storing energy and sugar is used for jobs that need energy now - the process called respiration is the way that the cell releases this energy.

lipids (which are fat based molecules) - these form part of the cell membrane; some may also be used an energy store and other lipids are involved in transferring signals or messages into various parts of the cell.

Hope this is useful!


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