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What is the advantage of websites and e-commerce?

1 year ago


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Enos Upton

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Many advantages of websites and e-commerce such as, selling to more locations from local, regional, national and international. E-Commerce stores are more cost effective than physical stores, profit margins can be much greater, products/services can be found easier by customers, more payment options can be made available for customers. Also, not restricted to times of operation, can be a 24hr business, e-commerce stores can sell niche products and satisfy particular needs and demands of customers.

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You can reach a larger market.

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Ali Golds

Being online is equivalent to having a shop open 24 hours - worldwide. Additionally, if your website is set up to take payments and print out despatch and packing slips, it also cuts down on staff costs.

Awe Taiwo Kayode

I think without any sense of prevarication, the advantage of website and e-commerce is to help prospective and potential buyers to able to access products /services within the comfort of their homes. It also helps business organization to cover a wide range of sales within the limited time, thus, reducing time wastage and helping to optimize sales.

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As society has changed many people are spending more time online than in the real world. Therefore this makes digital marketing the most popular and effective form of marketing for most businesses. Not only is it more cost effective than traditional marketing but SEO optimiser can be used to track the effectiveness of the Businesses website and that of its competitors. This data can be used by the business to improve its website and reach customers.

E-commerce reduces costs for a business and increases potential sales. This is because a business can set up online without a bricks and mortar store saving money on rent, rates and expenses such as electricity. These costs savings will mean the business can charge lower prices as they do not have as many costs to cover. Demand rises as price falls so this could bring in more sales revenue as well as revenue increasing from the business being able to sell to the whole world rather than passers by and local people who live in the area they are set up in.

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William Buchanan

It allows businesses not only to start up without large initial costs such as a store front or rental property, but for smaller businesses that are only in a rental property or struggle to reach larger audiences, we can use websites and the internet to gain customers from a larger range of areas and gain traction when footfall in a local area is lackluster.

Suha Rahman

The advantages of using e-commerce and websites include that it provides business with a wider reach of customer base allowing them to be more accessible especially with people now preferring to shop online as it is easier and efficient for instance from Amazon which has become globalised and renowned brand

John Meyer

Historically a business would be open from 9am to 5pm and then close. Often they were shut on a Sunday too. Since the introduction of the internet, it has been possible for a business to use a website so as to be available to their customers 24 hours a day. It's also a highly cost effective option, which increases the reach of a business, often opening up international opportunities. In summary, websites and e-commerce allow a company to increase their revenue, their market share and their profit.

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