Give an example of symbolism used in ‘An Inspector Calls’ to present the character of Eva Smith.

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When Eva changes her name and uses instead the name Daisy Renton we can see symbolism in her choice of new name. Daisies are a very common flower (sometimes even considered a weed!) and can be found almost everywhere and they not considered fancy or given to people as a gift like say roses are. Is this how Eva sees herself - as common and ordinary? Or she chooses a common name to help her blend in and escape being Eva? The idea of a flower is often associated with beauty and delicateness and femininity. Daisies specifically however also are often plucked and their petals pulled off in games. Symbolic perhaps of how Gerald and then Eric used Eva/Daisy then discarded her?

The surname Renton could also be suggestive of the occupation she had to choose after she lost the respectable job in the shop and became a prostitute - a similar word to renting - the idea Eva/Daisy was purchasable, for a time.

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