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What does cumulative frequency mean?

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Willow Heller

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Great question! Cumulative frequency is the total of the frequencies. This can be represented on a graph by plotting the upper boundaries of the groups! Hope that helps!

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Goutham Reddy Bujangam

It's an addition of previous frequencies of the series of frequencies.

Moses Aborisade

Cumulative frequency means addition of all frequencies

Navpreet Kaur

CF is calculated in frequency distribution table and is calculated such that the last frequency value in table is equal to the sum of all frequency values. Basically, by adding each frequency into sum of it predecessors.

Vennessa Ndlovu

The sum/total of all frequencies so far in a frequency distribution

Nataliya Konstantinova

A data set's cumulative frequency is used to calculate the number of observations that are above or below a certain value. There are two methods for calculating cumulative frequencies: utilising stem and leaf plots or straight from the data. A frequency distribution table is used to determine the cumulative frequency, which is the total of all the frequencies in the table. Since all frequencies have already been added to the previous total, the final number will always be equal to the sum of all observations.

Freddy Careless

The current frequency totaled with all the previous frequencies summed together. The last cumulative frequency taken should be the total frequency.

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Cumulative frequency is a running total of the amounts within a table.

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