How do you reduce a ratio to a simpler form?

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Dedrick Padberg

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Oh no, not Maths again!!! Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Hi Dedrick,

There are a few techniques you can use. However I'll show you a simple method that you can start with.

Imagine you have the ratio 84:7

This in itself looks a little cumbersome, however with a couple of quick calculations it can be simplified.

Firstly, have a look to see if any of them are divisible by 2 (if they are both even numbers, then they are always divisible by two).

If they are not, take a look to see if they are numbers in the same multiplication tables, just quickly check through. In this case, they are part of the 7 times table.

Now simply divide by the times table they are in (this case, it's the 7 times table).

84 divided by 7 = 12

7 divided by 7 = 1

Your new ratio is 12:1

The trick is to practice your times tables regularly. If you do this, you'll be surprise how straight forward these can be!

Hope this helps,


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Dawn M

To simplify a ratio, find a common factor of all the parts and divide by that number. Repeat that process until you can no longer find a common factor other than 1.

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