What is the formula triangle between speed, distance and time?

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Janick Powlowski

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Chiamaka Uwakaneme

Distance Speed Time Formula

Think of the lines (horizontally and vertically) within the triangle as operations:

  • The horizontal line means division.
  • The vertical line means multiplication.

So lets say we were trying to find out the formula for speed, if you cover 'speed' with your hand, you're left with distance and time. So now you have distance --> horizontal line --> time. Therefore,

  • Speed = Distance ÷ Time


  • Distance = Speed x Time
  • Time = Distance ÷ Speed
Kiara Sani

I like to think of it as the DSTV triangle (v is the shape of the triangle) - D is on top, being the first letter, S is on the bottom left of the triangle and T is at the bottom right of the triangle (as if you were reading it, ST, left to right). D is distance, S is speed, and T is time. As D is at the top of the triangle, distance divided by speed or time will equal the letter left out of the triangle. for example D divided S is = T. D divided by T is = S. Finally, S x T = D.

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I always remember this as a 'SODIT' triangle!

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Emma Costello

Speed = distance divided by time

Olivia Brown

Speed = distance/time


speed = distance / time

Dawn M

Speed is distance divided by time. If they require the speed in km per hour then make sure you use the distance in km and the time in hours. Watch out for the time if it is not whole hours as then you need to use the time in its decimal form e.g. 1 hour 30 minutes is 1.5 hours.

Lucy Brazier

Speed = distance/time

Emmanuel Ibrahim

Speed = Distance / Time

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Distance Speed Time Formula

Or you can use the formulas :

Speed = distance / time

Distance = speed x time

Time = distance / speed

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To work out speed, divide the distance of the journey by the time it took to travel, so speed = distance divided by time. To calculate time, divide the distance by speed. To get the distance, multiply the speed by time.

You may see these equations simplified as s=d/t,where s is speed, d is distance, and t is time.

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