What is 5600/100

2 years ago


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Shad Trantow

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Viral Madani

Dividing by 100 is the same as moving 2 decimal places to the right. Therefore, 5600 becomes 56.00 which is the same as just 56.

Yuki Kan

We can first think of how we can rewrite 5600 as a decimal.

In fact, we get 5600.0 and since we are dividing by 100, which is a nice multiple of 10, we can just "move the decimal point" to the left two times. This is because the decimal point changes the value of the number due to the change of place values. Hence, we get 56.00 which is equivalent to the value of 56.

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Hello! How's it going? To divide a number by 1000, move all of its digits 3 place value columns to the right. So in this example the answer would be 56! Hope that helps!

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