Is Online Tutoring Effective?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more students are being admitted to online tutoring platforms to catch up on their education. This raises questions about the effectiveness of online tutoring.

In short, online tutoring is extremely effective. Think of it like this. Technology, in a general sense, makes basic aspects of human life a lot easier. It makes it easier for people to communicate, it makes booking a trip to the cinema a lot less of a hassle and the same can be said for online tutoring. 

There's a number of reasons why this is the case.

Benefits of online tutoring for the tutor:

  • Online tutoring platforms allow access to a much wider range of students. It also opens the door to lucrative international student teaching.
  • Teaching from the comfort of your own home is not only a neat bonus, but it is also a lot more convenient.
  • Using online tutoring platforms like Sherpa Online, tutors are able to use cutting-edge technology to offer the best academic learning experience for the student.

Benefits of online tutoring for the student:

  • Using online tutoring platforms allows students to have the biggest scope of expert and specialist tutors for their given subject. Students can compare tutors against one another to find their most ideal tutor. They’re not limited to a handful of local tutors near them or a couple of tutors from word of mouth.
  • Sherpa Online’s tutoring platform allows for all content shared in the lesson to be saved as PDF on the platform. Making every lesson a lot more valuable when revising from notes.
  • Online tutor lessons have vast amounts of flexibility. Online platforms make it easier to book and reschedule lessons outside of traditional working hours.
  • Students have the exact same learning experience as they would for face-to-face tutoring. All the functions of a face-to-face lesson are easily transferable to an online lesson.

Is Online Tutoring Effective?

Providing that all the usual problems relating to technology are in check, there should be no reason why online tutoring isn’t effective.

From research carried out by Sherpa Online, the biggest concerns were regarding connection problems and the engagement that comes from sitting behind a computer screen.

Online tutoring is extremely engaging which goes against the general perception of it. 

Take a maths lesson for example. Maths, for some students, can be a tricky topic to understand properly.

This means that having an engaging lesson is crucial to the overall success of the lesson.

Due to the nature of online classrooms, each lesson can be highly personalised to each individual. From scientific studies and also experience from students using online platforms, high levels of engagement come from using interactive teaching methods.

Online tutoring nurtures this environment allowing students to engage and verbalise their responses to the content provided by tutors.

What is the Evidence?