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Qualified Teacher

Katie S

I have 12 years classroom teaching experience in RE, social sciences

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I have worked in secondary education for over 12 years and I have 7 years senior leadership experience as well as a Masters degree from Cambridge University. I have successfully taught RE GCSE & A-level (specialising in Ethics) as well as sociology GCSE & A-level and Psychology GCSE throughout my 12 years of classroom ...

Hourly Rate: £30
Lsns Taught: 36

Replies within 2 hours.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Stephen J

Highly Experienced Psychology tutor to GCSE, A level and Degree level

My name is Steve. I have been teaching Psychology and Sociology over 25 year time span from GCSE to undergraduate level. Recently, I have been tutoring Criminology as the demand for this subject has increased. My tutoring experiences have been in the classroom and on a one to one basis and online. Over the years, I hav...

Hourly Rate: £35

Replies within 2 hours.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Sajeda P

A highly experienced teacher with an excellent success record!

I specialise in teaching Law and History in an accessible way to ensure all students can reach their potential. I have a love for these subjects which has endured over 20 years and I am incredibly motivated and driven by my desire to share my interest in these disciplines. Whilst Law can be viewed as quite pragmatic, t...

Hourly Rate: £35

Replies within 3 minutes.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Abigail F

Hi! I have 6+ years of teaching experience in the UK and abroad

Committed to helping you achieve goals! Specialise with Reading, Writing and Maths support for primary aged children. I am experienced in teaching English as Forgein Language and have worked closely with children with SEND needs such as ADHD, autism and apraxia. Have taught in mainstream schools in the UK as well as In...

Hourly Rate: £20
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DBS Checked

Preeti B

Private tutor teaching english, history, RS & sociology to all ages.

1 Reviews

I am passionate about learning and would love to assist students on their learning journey. I have spent much of my adult life in education and it was through my undergrad I discovered my passion for teaching. I like to cater my lessons to each student's individual learning style, it is important for me that I under...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 42

Replies within 30 minutes.

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Doctor of English Linguistics. Learn English in a fun positive way.

Specialist in positive teaching methods. I’ve helped thousands of students study English. I teach English and how to improve your own self belief so you can reach your highest potential....

Hourly Rate: £28

Replies within 25 minutes.

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Gbemi A

First Class grad teaching English Language, Sociology and Politics

I am a recent first class graduate (top 5%) from Warwick University where I studied Politics and Sociology. I have 3 years tutoring experience in English Language, Politics and Sociology so you're in safe hands! I am super passionate about helping students from GCSE all the way to undergraduate level ace their exams an...

Hourly Rate: £20
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Renee E

Native English Teacher with a BA, MSc and TELF Level 5.

I have a BA in Criminology, and MSc in Organised Crime, Terrorism and Security, both within the Department of Sociology. I also have TEFL Level 5 (168 hours)....

Hourly Rate: £20
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