What do user access levels help to limit?

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User access levels are generally incorporated into a system to limit the level of changes that a user can make which may affect other users on the system. The more people that have access to sensitive information on a network the more likely it is for a hacker or a virus to cause damage

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User access levels are limits on which actions users of a system are able to perform (e.g. make changes to the system, download software, access information of other users etc.). This limits the chances of hackers or malware making it into the network.

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Vincent Enyinwa

User access levels help to limit who can view, modify or delete a resource on a server.

Puja Kundu

User access levels help to limit what actions users can take within a system. This is done by assigning different roles and permissions to various users, allowing different levels of access to different functions, data, or resources.

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User access levels are method of controlling permission in a computer network. For example, a network may have different users such as administrators, support staff, teachers, students. Every group will need different levels of access. This could be access that related to write permission for a certain shared folder or access level to certain section of the operating system.

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Pietro Melfi

Allowing certain users to access specific software or rights to a computer system i.e difference between a technician and staff members. Restricting access to certain computer resources

Sam Burch

User access levels help limit the controls different individual users have access to on any given system. This helps limit unwanted issues like accidental deletion of data or accessing and leaking sensitive information aabout other users.

Michael Davu

User access levels limit unauthorised access. People who should not be in a system will not be able to get in if their access level does not allow entry. User access levels can also limit access to sensitive information, for example a folder containing personal details, and the resources, for example a printer.

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User access levels help to limit intruders from gaining access to your files and unauthorised access.

This is usually through Username and Password and a Network Manager will set the access levels for each account.

In a school setting:

A student would have access to basic software packages, their personal files, One Drive, etc.

A teacher would have the same access levels as students PLUS; being able to see all students grades, students personal information regarding medical and parents contact details, etc.

SLT would have the same access as teachers PLUS; setting up meetings directly with parents, suspensions, timetabling, links to police, pastoral etc.

Head teacher would have the same access as Deputy and SLT PLUS; modifying canteen stock quantities, whole school grades, funding from governments and local councils, etc.

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Vinupriya Vinodkumar

User access levels restricts the access to sensitive data and functionalities. Unauthorised users are prevented from viewing or modifying the data or information, reducing the potential for security breaches and unauthorised activities.

Marie Powell

Unnecessary access to systems within an organisation.

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User access levels help control who can do what on a computer or system. Imagine different keys for different doors. Each level is like a key that gives access to certain areas but not others. They help to:

  • Keep things safe: Sensitive information, like grades or financial data, can be restricted to authorised users only. This prevents accidental or intentional misuse.
  • Stop accidental mistakes: Imagine accidentally deleting someone's work! Levels can limit access to functions like deleting or editing important files, reducing the risk of unintentional errors.
  • Organise tasks: Different users might have different roles. Levels can ensure everyone has the access they need to do their job, but not access to things they don't need. This keeps things organised and efficient.

So, access levels act like digital gatekeepers, ensuring only the right people have the right access, keeping things safe, organised, and running smoothly!

Hope that answers your question!


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Fahim Ahmed Begum

User access levels in computer science help limit the actions users can perform, ensuring they only have the necessary permissions for their tasks, promoting security and preventing unauthorised access.

James Shore

Access levels help to limit the information that users can access, this means there is less chance of misuse. For example, the Finance director would have access rights to the financial information whereas the accounts assistant may have less and any further access levels would need to be approved.

Manav Sukheja

User access levels limit what each user can do on the computer system. The main user or the admin has access to everything and can change passwords or certain apps that the admin can use but other users can't.

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