What are the key themes to focus on in A Christmas Carol?

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3 Answers

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Dickens showed many themes throughout A Christmas Carol. His main theme he wanted to show was redemption and that people can change and take responsibility for their actions. He used the character of Scrooge to show that he changed from a miserable mean man to a caring and loving man.

He also showed the theme of Social Class in the novel, Dickens did not agree that the poor people were treat unfairly and had no medical or financial support.

Christmas was used to symbolise that people should be generous to everyone at all times and not just at Christmas time. He showed the way the different social classes celebrated Christmas and the different experiences they had. Although The Cratchit's had very little food on Christmas day they still had a good time and the pudding "was the best, mother ever made".

Supernatural was also portrayed to show the interest that the Victorians had in it.

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The themes that stand out in 'A Christmas Carol' are the ways in which Scrooge has the ability to change, the way in which Dickens thinks about family as offering a solution to the problems of society (the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to his sister Fanny and Mrs Fezziwig's party to show him how much he needs love and people around him), finally I think that Christmas shows Scrooge how far money has isolated him from the people around him. Marley has come back to remind him he is a human being and needs love and not money.

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Wendy Edgell

The main themes to focus on in ‘A Christmas Carol’ are:

1. Redemption,

2. Social Injustice,

3. Christmas.