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Qualified Teacher


(Maths,Physics & Chemistry) Achieve your desired grades!

Hi there! I am a qualified science teacher with over six years of teaching experience. I completed my PGCE from the University of Cambridge in 2019. I currently work as a maths and science teacher at an outstanding state school....

Hourly Rate: £35

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Deepti M

Passionate and engaging English and Maths tutor for all ages

I've just graduated from Warwick University this year studying English Literature and Business. Through my A Levels, I have studied Maths, English Literature and Physics and have loved all three fields - even if they are very different! That's why I always teach my lessons with variety, fun and ensure a high standard a...

Hourly Rate: £25
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DBS Checked

Pavan L

Experienced Online Tutor

Hi, I’m Pavan and I’m currently a medical student at the University of Leicester. I have completed the process of GCSEs, Alevels and admission tests for medicine, so I acknowledge the work effort required to be successful....

Hourly Rate: £25
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Qualified Teacher

Monica H

Oxford graduated Assistant Headteacher specialised in Science and Math

Graduated from King's College London and University of Oxford, I have been teaching Science and Maths for over 15 years, with various small groups and one to one tutoring experience since the age of 17. I'm currently an Assistant Headteacher in an inner London school, with pupils' age ranging from 7 to 17....

Hourly Rate: £40
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DBS Checked

Ante R

Professional Engineer with years of experience, especially in tutoring

I use my 10-year tutoring experience in maths and physics to try to understand and align with the student's needs. This is necessary for a successful learning experience, as everyone is different....

Hourly Rate: £30
Over 250 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trustpilot Reviews and counting...
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DBS Checked

Nadeem S

Teacher and lecturer with over 17 years experience specialising in 11+

An accomplished teacher/lecturer with experience in running businesses in the Public, Private, and Education sectors. I have been Education Director of a National Education Provider for KS2, KS3, GCSE, and A-Level for more than eleven years. Being responsible for Strategic planning and future challenges, ...

Hourly Rate: £30
Lsns Taught: 27
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DBS Checked


Experienced PhD Student Providing Engaging Lessons

My favourite thing about teaching and tutoring is getting to know the students! I have seen students improve massively in confidence and ability over the course of our work together and it's a great feeling for both me and the student. My teaching style is approachable and I always try to provide the student with a rel...

Hourly Rate: £25
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A tutor from Oxford with 20 years teaching experience in Math,Physics

I am from Oxford with a lot of teaching experience. I can help with Physics and Maths up to the University level. currently, I am teaching to GCSE and A-level students. I have 20 years of teaching experience in teaching various topics of Physics Math in GCSE and A-level. I can provide concept-based teaching. my teachi...

Hourly Rate: £30
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DBS Checked

Mike F

An experienced, patient tutor currently teaching in a school.

I am currently working as a part-time Physics and Maths teacher at Collingham School, Kensington and have taught at their Easter Revision course for the last nineteen years. I have worked in various schools and colleges (from 2002) and have gained lots of experience of teaching students of all ages and from a wide v...

Hourly Rate: £45
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DBS Checked

Jeffery P

Experienced teacher/tutor/senior examiner with thirty years experience

I am a retired Head of Chemistry so I have having a great deal of experience teaching both A level and GCSE to these levels. I am currently a senior examiner for the IBO and, in the past, I have marked for the OCR, Edexcel, and WJEC boards. I was, for a number of years, the senior examiner for a gr...

Hourly Rate: £35
Tim L profile picture
DBS Checked

Tim L

Experienced Maths, Science and English Tutor

My aim is to increase everyone's understanding of everything!!! I've tutored students from ages 5 to 50, however, I mostly help teenagers with their entrance exams, GCSEs and A Levels. I've been tutoring Maths, Science and English since 2007. My students find it very useful that I can poten...

Hourly Rate: £30
Lsns Taught: 11
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Mirna H

A Mechanical Engineer and an enthusiastic maths and physics tutor.

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate with over two years of high-grade private tutoring experience in the topics of Maths and Physics. I am enthusiastic about assisting students of all academic capacities in increasing interest and gaining mastery in the topics mentioned. I look forward to promoting focused attent...

Hourly Rate: £20
Bethany E profile picture
DBS Checked

Bethany E

Experienced Science & Maths tutor for KS3, GCSE and A-level Chemistry

I have experience in tutoring students with special educational needs and mental health problems, and adapt my tutoring methods for each student I work with. I work hard to fill in any gaps in knowledge my tutees my have, ensuring a strong foundation in Maths and Science....

Hourly Rate: £25
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Keerthana G

Enthusiastic KS1- GCSE Math and Science Tutor!

1 Reviews

As a Software Engineering Graduate, I am very passionate about helping students develop a creative and inquisitive mind. I'm very patient and a good listener. I understand that students learn in a variety of ways, some are kinesthetic or visual learners and require more hands-on experiments ...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 32
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DBS Checked

Alex C

Experienced & Engaging Physics and Maths Tutor

I specialise in Maths and Physics at a variety of levels ranging from Primary school all the way through to A-Level and am familiar with the major exam boards such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR. I Study Engineering at Durham University and have a love for all things science and maths based!...

Hourly Rate: £23

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