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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

David B

Dynamic scientist with 19 years of teaching/tutoring experience

8 Reviews

I have been a teacher and school leader for the past 19 years. I made the move to online teaching and tutoring and I love the freedom it gives to making my teaching much more relevant, bespoke and specific to my students without the problems that come with being in school. I am a marine scientist by training and an oc...

Hourly Rate: £45
Lsns Taught: 152

Replies within 3 hours.

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DBS Checked

Korianne M

Experienced tutor and medic specialising in science subjects

I am a graduate with an undergraduate degree in Medical Science and Humanities and an MSc in Nanomedicine. I'm also currently studying medicine. I have tutored throughout my studies and have found great success with my students. I have also taught internationally at summer schools which have allowed me to develop my sk...

Hourly Rate: £25

Replies within 23 hours.

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Michael N

My name is Dr Mike Newell - I am a Senior Lecturer in the UK

I am a Senior Lecturer in a UK based University specialising in Health, Nutrition and Exercise. My expertise includes human biology and physiology with emphasis on nutrition, metabolism and neuromuscular physiology, metabolic health, and research methods/ethics. I have published multiple international standard academ...

Hourly Rate: £50

Replies within 24 hours.

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DBS Checked

Moumita G

Experienced teacher actively helping GCSE and A-Level students

Experienced teacher actively helping GCSE and A-level students I have completed my PHD and am teaching all Sciences and Maths for the past 6 years to students aged 9 – 18. I am passionate about education and believes that all students can excel given the correct guidance. I support students to increase their l...

Hourly Rate: £25

Replies within 24 hours.

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Stephen W

Enthusiastic Science & Geography Tutor with 400+ completed lessons

I am a First class Biology Graduate from University of Leeds with 400+ hours of tutoring across all major English exam boards as well as in-person experience teaching GCSE/A-Level courses at a Field Studies centre. I specialise in Biology (up to University level) / Chemistry / Physics and Geography. I tutor to achieve ...

Hourly Rate: £28

Replies within 14 minutes.

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DBS Checked

Catherine P

Science & Maths Tutor - Patient, friendly and experienced with SEN.

1 Reviews

I have an integrated Master's degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Sheffield (a Russell Group university). I have carried out a range of training in tutoring online including lesson planning, safeguarding, inclusions and diversity, overcoming barriers, working with SEN. During my time as an undergradu...

Hourly Rate: £25

Replies within 92 minutes.

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DBS Checked

Yara C

Experienced, friendly, and flexible Biology tutor

1 Reviews

Hello everyone! :) I'm a 3rd year PhD student in Food and Biological Sciences at the University of Reading. I'm also a hall mentor at the University of Reading. In this job, I basically offer welfare support to students living in halls and struggling with their studies, or with mental health issues...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 43

Replies within 24 hours.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Miriam P

A caring, patient and professional Science & Maths tutor

I am an experienced tutor and fully qualified science teacher, having taught at secondary schools in Nottingham. I have been a classroom teacher for 4 years and I have been tutoring during weekends for over three years (plus intermittent experience before this point). At the moment, I am still working in schools but as...

Hourly Rate: £25

Replies within 12 hours.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Mehdi K

Science enthusiast with a specialism in Biology, KS3, KS4 and IB

I have completed a degree in Biological Sciences, where I did my research project looking at DNA polymerase....

Hourly Rate: £20

Replies within 24 hours.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Yuki T

Biology tutor

I taught at a wide range of audiences, from secondary to undergraduate level. My work as an assessor posed me in the best position for formative assessments too. I constantly kept myself updated on the latest developments in biology and education, undertaking CPDs whenever possible or required, internally or externally...

Hourly Rate: £30

Replies within 63 minutes.

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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Pat R

Enthusiastic Tutor with 15 years of UG/PG teaching experience

Dr Pattanathu Rahman has 20+ years of industrial and academic experience in R&D, innovation, management, and commercialization. He is included in the Stanford University List of World's Top 2% Scientists (2020). He served as an Associate Professor at University of Portsmouth and Teesside University and founded TeeGene ...

Hourly Rate: £30
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Juliana A

Biology specialist (Ph.D. and two MSc) and passionate teaching

Currently, I am a last-year Ph.D. student in Molecular Medicine. I also have two MSc degrees, one in Infectious Diseases (Immunolobiology) and another in Biomedical Science (Immunology). I am very dedicated to my students and making learning an easy process. I taught for five years biology contents, for students from 1...

Hourly Rate: £15
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DBS Checked

Karishma M

6 years of helping students achieve their goals in school!

Hi there!I obtained a first class degree in Neuroscience from University College London in 2018. After completing my Bachelors degree, I went on to pursue a degree in Medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine.I tutor Biology to A-level and IB-level students, as well as C...

Hourly Rate: £60
Lsns Taught: 16

Replies within 2 hours.

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DBS Checked


An enthusiastic science tutor with 4 years of teaching experiences.

Hi, I'm Neda and I'm a 4th year post graduate medical student. I have 4 years of tutoring experience in person and, more recently, online. I am very passionate about teaching. For the past few years I have been teaching and preparing students for exams in subjects such as biology (GCSE and A-level), chem...

Hourly Rate: £20

Replies within 16 hours.

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DBS Checked

Thomas D

Hi there! I am a PhD student in bioinformatics and ageing science

The thing I love most about teaching my subject is when I see students start making connections on their own. Rather than just absorbing information, they are solving puzzles and acquire the skills necessary to tackle questions systematically. I take great pride in knowing that the mental tools they acquire will make a...

Hourly Rate: £34
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