How would you give 57p as a percentage of £1.20?

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Penelope Ryan

115 Replies

Priscilla Roux Best Answer!

you would take 52, divide it by 1.20 and multiple it by 100.

Jaidan Daudia Best Answer!

120p is equivalent to £1.20 - (you need the units for the two numbers to be the same to work with them)

then you'd use the percentage formula in which: 57/120 * 100 which would give the answer.

Negina Maihanwal Best Answer!

57/120 = 19/40 = 0.475

Aysha Best Answer!

Firstly, we need to convert £1.20 into pence, so 120p, then we simply type in the calculator 57/120 *100

Ankita Pawaskar Best Answer!

you do 57 divided by 120, then times by 100

Mohammad Nabil Hussain Choudhury Best Answer!

A percentage is a way of writing a fraction of 100 by using the percentage symbol - %.

For example 5 out of 10 can be represented by fractions as a half of a whole, because 5/10 is equal to 1/2. To turn the fraction 5/10 or 1/2 into a percentage (as both are equal) all we need to do is multiply by 100, because a fraction of 100 is the result of multiplying by 100.

Both 57p (numerator - part of the whole) and £1.20 (denominator - the whole), should have the same units when working out percentages, so £1.20 can be written as 120p or 57p can be written as £0.57

It is more convenient to work in whole numbers so both values in pennies is more sensible. The fraction we can deduce is 57/120, which we multiply by 100 to give us the percentage 47.5%.

To make solving this without a calculator easier the fraction 57/120 can be simplified to 19/40 and because we multiply by 100 we can further simplify by changing dividing by 40 and multiplying by 100 to dividing by 4 and multiplying by 10 (i.e. we cancel out the factor of 10):

(57/120) x 100 is simplified to (19/4) x10. 19/4 is equal to 4.75. 4.75 x 10 is 47.5. The answer is 47.5% (remember the units)

Vicky Miller Best Answer!

First turn the money into a fraction - we want to find 57/120 which is 0.455.

We then multiply that by 100 to find the percentage - 0.455 x 100 = 45.5%

Natasha Cornell Best Answer!

Convert them both to the same units, either £0.57 and £1.20 or 57p and 120p, then divide the smaller by the larger and multiple by 100.

Zoe Cohen Best Answer!

First you need to write the 57p so it is in the same form as the £1.20. Therefore the 57p would be written as 0.57.

Then you need to write 0.57/1.20 (0.57 divided by 1.20) to work out what 0.57 is as a proportion of 1.20. The answer to this is 0.475.

Finally, you multiply 0.475 by 100 to give the final percentage. 0.475 x 100 = 47.5.

So, 57p as a percentage of £1.20 is 47.5%.

Connor George Best Answer!

Heya Penelope!

First off we need to break down this into easier numbers. As we know, there is 100p in £1.

So using this, we know that £1.20 is £1 + £0.20 or 100p + 20p. Giving us 120p in total.

Now, we have 57p out of the total 120p. That's a lot of money!

So, if we put this into a factor what do we get? 57/120! Plug this into your calculator, and you will get 0.475.

But 0.475 is not a percentage? Ah, that's where the trick comes in, you see a factor will only produce a decimal as long as the top number (Numerator) is smaller than the bottom number (Denominator). A decimal is always out of 100 (for example 1/100 is 0.01).

To change a decimal to a percentage, we simply need to times the decimal by 100. Giving us a total percentage of 47.5%

Nyah Patel Best Answer!

Firstly, You need to put the money in the same format. So either all the numbers as pence or as pounds. Let's convert the pounds into pennies. So £1.20 will become 120p.

Now, to find how much 57 is as a percentage to 120. You work out the expression 57/120 x 100. The answer is 47.5%.

It is important to remember to multiply the fraction by 100 in the expression otherwise the answer will be as a decimal, not a percentage.

Lawrence Fathers Best Answer!

57p / (£1.2 x 100) x 100 = 47.5%

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Maggie Best Answer!

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Hi Penelope! Firstly, you can transform £1.20 into pence, which would be 120p. It is important that they are measured in the unit, i.e. both in pence or both in pounds. Then, you would simply divide 57 by 120 and multiply this by 100. This gives you = (57/120)*100 = 47.5%.

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Anusha Iyer Best Answer!

57/120= 0.475= 47.5

Mohini Patel Best Answer!

Convert the £1.20 into pennies which = 120, 57/ 120= 0.475, 0.475 x 100= 47.5%

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