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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Sarah B

An enthusiastic English teacher with a proven success rate| EAL+SEN

My name is Sarah Bradley, and I have been an English teacher for four years. I have experience teaching English for key stage one, stage two, and stage three, GCSE and A-Level. I teach all exam boards- Edexcel, AQA, OCR including syllabus B, Welsh Board, Scottish Higher, Advanced Higher and International Baccalaureate...

Hourly Rate: £30

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DBS Checked

Andrew K

Pro GCSE tutor with a PhD and 5 degrees - because English is awesome!

GCSE, A-Level, and degree tuition from a professional GCSE English tutor and PhD qualified academic. An expert at analysing texts and where to put the full stops. Focused on the exam board specifications with structured lessons that instil the confidence to achieve your goals and get the grades you are aiming for. --- ...

Hourly Rate: £45
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Alex T

Experienced and highly qualified English teacher and tutor

I am a very experienced and fully qualified English teacher and former examiner. Over the last 20 years, I have taught in the classroom, online and as a face-to-face tutor. I have taught from as young as Yr5 to undergraduate and adult level....

Hourly Rate: £30
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Miles F

I look forward to working with you!

I am a qualified experienced Primary School Teacher with an academic background in History, teaching across Key Stages 1 & 2, currently working as an English teacher online. I am also a private tutor and have taught Maths, English and Science across Key Stage 2 to GCSE. I can provide support for School Entrance Exams....

Hourly Rate: £35
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Rebecca L

5 years teaching ages 4 - 21 in a classroom! Let's get those grades!~

2 Reviews

Pro with GCSEs AQA specification, Edexcel Language spec. I taught in one of the top 20 Grammar Schools in England, giving my students the confidence to achieve A* grades. Focused lessons that teach the questions AND a love of English! I know how to pick a fun passage to practice! 11+ tutoring ---- 100% success rate...

Hourly Rate: £20
Lsns Taught: 44
Over 350 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trustpilot Reviews and counting...
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Craig P

Highly experienced and senior GCSE & A Level English teacher

3 Reviews

I’m a senior leader (responsible for English) in a large state school. I’ve been teaching since 1995 and have a wealth of experience. I’ve taught content relating to most of the exam boards (AQA/OCR/Edexcel) at both GCSE and A Level (IGCSE too). I love my subject and really enjoy helping others to understand i...

Hourly Rate: £35
Lsns Taught: 58
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Qualified Teacher

Michael R

Qualified English teacher with over two years experience with KS2/3/4

I'm a qualified English teacher and an English enthusiast. I love making the seemingly difficult, simple! Having studied under the guidance of education practitioner, John Yandell, coupled with over two years working as a full-time English teacher. I have a wealth of experience which has helped me to cultivate engagin...

Hourly Rate: £15
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Qualified Teacher

Ruth D

An enthusiastic English tutor with over 25 years experience

6 Reviews

Hi my name is Ruth and my first degree in English is from Queen’s University Belfast. I gained my PGCE and qualified teacher status through the Open University, and my Masters in Education from Worcester University.Currently, I have over 25 years of teaching experience and have a genuine desire in supportin...

Hourly Rate: £27
Lsns Taught: 185
Alana W profile picture

Alana W

Experienced and passionate English teacher (but fun!)

Language only has one purpose and that is communication. I love teaching English because, by learning to communicate well, my students become more connected to the wider world and more confident in themselves. Strong communication skills will take you far but doing it in English will take you even further!...

Hourly Rate: £28
Lucy C profile picture
Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Lucy C

An encouraging and engaging English and English Literature teacher

Having been a teacher in various roles for over 15 years, I have been lucky enough to have built up a wealth of experience teaching students from a range of backgrounds and circumstances, with a range of learning styles. This has led me to developed an expert understanding of barriers to learning that m...

Hourly Rate: £40
Mollie T profile picture
DBS Checked

Mollie T

BAHons / PGCE | Performing Arts | English | Classics | Neurodiversity

'An empathetic, understanding and individualised approach to teaching' would be the simplest way to describe my philosophy. My years of experience with private tuition, before undertaking my PGCE, laid an excellent foundation for me to understand student needs (especially those who are neurodivergent, like myself). Tea...

Hourly Rate: £30
Jodie B profile picture
Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Jodie B

Hi, I’m Jodie. I’ve been teaching for 28 years - KS3, GCSE & A level.

1 Reviews

I’m Jodie and I’ve been a teacher for 28 years, including being a Head of the English Department. I get good results and can help you with KS3, GCSE and A level English language and English literature....

Hourly Rate: £30
Lsns Taught: 20
Ella C profile picture

Ella C

Hi! With 250+ hours of tutition experience, I'd love to help!

I'm currently in my second year at the University of Nottingham, studying Criminology. I absolutely love interacting with students of all ages and observing their progression. I studied English, Spanish and Philosophy and Ethics at A Level- all of my favourite subjects! I have a passion for making learning engaging and...

Hourly Rate: £22
Henry R profile picture
Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Henry R

IELTS, English, and Academic Skills Tutor

As an international teacher, I have worked on 4 different continents Europe, South America, Africa and Central and South Asia. I know Russian, Spanish as well as English. I was an IELTS examiner (speaking and writing) for many years....

Hourly Rate: £20
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DBS Checked

Tom H

Hi everyone, I am a friendly, patient and experienced English teacher

I have taught English for eight years at GCSE, A-LEVEL and in ESL. In addition I have done private tutoring with students of all ages. Prior to becoming a teacher I completed a PGCE, English degree and CELTA qualification. In my spare time I enjoy music, sports and films :)...

Hourly Rate: £25
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