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Qualified Teacher

Kimberley G

Creative, fun and inspiring primary teacher happy to help everyone!

Creative, fun and inspiring Primary School teacher available for online tuition. As a Literature and Language degree holder I have a great passion for creative strategies and approaches to delivering learning for children. With my up to date knowledge of the New National Curriculum I am able to plan and create exciting...

Hourly Rate: £30
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Qualified Teacher

Serah C

An experienced teacher specialising in 11+ preparation

Hello, I'm Serah and I am a Deputy Head teacher who has predominantly taught in the private school sector. Before becoming Deputy Head, I worked as the Head of English across two schools for 10 years. I hold a PGCE with QTS and a CELTA qualification. I have over 17 years of classroom experience as well a...

Hourly Rate: £35
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Louise W

Online Enthusiastic Tutor of Maths and English

I have been offering tuition for 20+ years and specialise in English and maths.I regularly teach in schools and therefore conversant with KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-level Syllabi. What I offer:Maths, KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-levelEnglish, KS1, KS2...

Hourly Rate: £38
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DBS Checked

Rita O

An experienced 11+ tutor with years of experience

1. With over 10 years experience in private tuition, I specialise in training/ teaching years 4 to 6 students the KS2 Curriculum and in particular focusing on salient areas to help every child I teach pass their secondary/independent secondary school selective test. In particular, I help students going f...

Hourly Rate: £28
Lsns Taught: 20
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DBS Checked

Nadeem Safdar

Teacher and lecturer with over 17 years experience specialising in 11+

An accomplished teacher/lecturer with experience in running businesses in the Public, Private, and Education sectors. I have been Education Director of a National Education Provider for KS2, KS3, GCSE, and A-Level for more than eleven years. Being responsible for Strategic planning and future challenges, ...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 11
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Charlotte A

I am a qualified primary teacher, specialising in Maths and English.

I like to start my lessons with some quick-fire topic-focused questions to get my class ready for the lesson, then I like to split the remainder of my lessons into 2 20-minute sections. One to learn and work together and the second to work more independently. Then I finish all my lessons with some self-confidence boost...

Hourly Rate: £16
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Heidi V

Qualified Primary School Teacher specialising in tailored tutoring

Are you finding it hard to keep your child focussed and motivated? Are they quickly becoming frustrated and bored completing worksheets set by their class teacher during the lockdown? Does your child need extra support to impart crucial knowledge to become secure in a certain topic? Is your child receiving appropria...

Hourly Rate: £30
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Charly H

English and Entrance Test Tutor with 7+ Years Experience

I am a friendly and patient tutor with over 7 years experience and over 800+ hours teaching school entrance test preparation, English Language and Literature, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and interview practice to a wide age group. I am also a current postgraduate student in MA Translation studies at SOAS, ...

Hourly Rate: £40