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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Hamilton B

Experienced Maths tutor preparing students for IGCSE and A-level exams

I am a full-time teacher currently teaching IGCSE and A-level Mathematics. I graduated with a master’s degree in Digital Signal Processing and a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. I am passionate about teaching, always wanting to learn and to take on new challenges. I have been teaching...

Hourly Rate: £25
Lsns Taught: 47
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Sandra W

Chartered mathematician with over 25 years teaching mathematics

I am a chartered mathematician and have 26 years of teaching experience teaching across the secondary age and ability range including A-Level. I have an in-depth understanding of the pedagogy of teaching mathematics across this range. I have experience of delivering individual and group lessons online and know how to d...

Hourly Rate: £35
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PhD in Mathematics with 7 years of teaching experience at all levels!

I'm a specialized online tutor in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, machine learning and English as a Second Language (ESL). I received my PhD in mathematics in the US ...

Hourly Rate: £30
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Qualified Teacher
DBS Checked

Michael B

An adaptable, resourceful Mathematician with 8 years experience.

Currently a PhD student in Quantum Mechanics, bilingual in both English and Greek and computer literate. An adaptable, resourceful and enthusiastic Mathematician who has 5 years of extensive experience in teaching Maths and English and has a wide level of general responsibility of working and mentoring students onli...

Hourly Rate: £37
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DBS Checked

Paul Oshikoya

A passionate Maths/Physics tutor with over two years of experience

MSc IT Security at Nottingham Trent University expecting 2:1 and a second class upper honour in BSc Applied Physics. With over two years of hands-on, successful teaching experience, and extensive background in Mathematics and Physics, I am confident in my ability and achievement to become a dedicate...

Hourly Rate: £25
Over 160 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trustpilot Reviews and counting...
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DBS Checked


Maths and physics tutor, including experience with SEN students.

Edexcel, Eduqas & WJEC - up to and including A-level - main boards AQA / OCR - up to and including A-level - other boards...

Hourly Rate: £28
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Qualified Teacher

Pawandeep P

Positive, dynamic and expert Mathematics and Science teacher

Positive, dynamic and enthusiastic Maths and Science teacher with 10 years experience. Committed to providing engaging teaching and learning, which will instill in students a passion for learning and change their lives. Able to establish supportive relationships with pupils and parents with the aim of promoting student...

Hourly Rate: £50
Domonkos Perenyi profile picture

Domonkos Perenyi

An enthusiastic Chemistry/Maths tutor with over 4 years of experience

I am a Master of Chemistry (MChem) graduate from Durham University with a considerable amount of experience in teaching and scientific research. Chemistry is my major, thus mostly I would like to teach this subject.Since early childhood, I have solely been identifying and practising hobbies which have a long ...

Hourly Rate: £25
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DBS Checked

Manuela Buboiu

Maths and Computer Science Tutor - Secondary to A-level

I am a Qualified Maths and Computer Science Teacher with over 15 years experience. I have taught students from Secondary (KS3) to University level both in the UK and internationally. I have been involved in the educational process of young people, teaching and tutoring my whole adult life. I have been tu...

Hourly Rate: £35
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DBS Checked

cosman mutodi

A dedicated Maths and science tutor with 12 years tutoring experience

I am an ambitious, enthusiastic, excellent, and very dedicated young Mathematics and Science educator and classroom practitioner. Very innovative and can demonstrate excellent communication skills, flexibility and creativity with the potential of career progression in the teaching field. A teacher ...

Hourly Rate: £25
Venet K profile picture

Venet K

UCL First Class Honours Computer Science graduate

I am a UCL Computer Science graduate, where I achieved First Class honours. I have been a Maths and English tutor for over 3 years now, and a Computer Science tutor for over a year. I have taught students both in person and online, having experience in tutoring students who are in their early secondary school years,...

Hourly Rate: £38
Dr. J profile picture

Dr. J

Physics is my passion. Maths is the toolbox.

I have a Master of Physics degree (1st class), which is a combined Bachelor and Master degree, and also a Doctor of Philosophy degree (in Physics), both from the University of Manchester. As well as this I have a University Teaching Qualification, which is a requirement to lecture at university in the Netherlands (alth...

Hourly Rate: £30
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Axel S

An experienced and enthusiastic Maths, Physics and German Tutor

Hi all, I’m Axel and I’m a 2019 University of Bath Mechanical Engineering Graduate, having also tutored Maths and Physics for over 2 years, aiding in raising the grades of all my tutees, some by up to 5 grades! I consistently achieved top grades on my course and also spent 15 months in industry as an Engineering...

Hourly Rate: £45
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Maths student who enjoys helping students find maths fun

I am an international student and I was awarded academic excellence scholarship to study Mmath at University of York.I have taken the IELTS exam scoring 8.5 and having passed teacher training course for kids,teenagers and adults, I have experience teaching English(ESL) both in group classes and privately to a...

Hourly Rate: £20
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Falco W

An enthousiastic Maths tutor with over 5 years of experience.

I studied at the University of Amsterdam, where I obtained a 2.1 BSc in Mathematics.I have 5 years of experience working as a mathematics tutor. I tutored high school students of varying ages. I was very invested in my students, and made sure they succeeded in their mathematics classes. I often tutored my pup...

Hourly Rate: £20